9 Essentials of a Perfect Pregnancy Diet!

Puja Sharma Vasisht

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9 Essentials of a Perfect Pregnancy Diet

While in pregnancy, we all have a balanced and nutritious diet, there are some specific nutrients which can get ignored. Here, is a list of foods, rich in those nutrients—a must-have for all expecting mothers.

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puloma pandey

| Aug 16, 2017

nice blog.. thanks.

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amit trivedi

| Aug 08, 2017

It is hard to understand the pre-eclampsia (hypertension and oedema) complication. Can you describe them in detail?

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Smrity Sharma

| Jul 31, 2017

thanks for d information.

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Ulki Goswami

| Jul 28, 2017

what if I'm not able to consume all the food items listed in this article? Will it affect my baby?

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Gunjan Mahajan

| Jul 27, 2017

thanks for giving such useful information but plz tell me the alternative for milk.

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Rajni Naithani Dimri

| Jul 21, 2017

it's amazing informations from ur side ..thanks for updating us everyday...

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Harshala Amrut Mane Deshmukh

| Jul 21, 2017

thanks great. information

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deivanai annamalai

| Jun 26, 2017

Great information thanks

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nethra sunil

| Jun 21, 2017

thanks for the information

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darshana dalvi

| May 27, 2017

Very informative and useful data. Thank u.

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| May 23, 2017

very good article

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Sindhura Reddy

| May 20, 2017

good info

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Lincy Shaji

| Mar 14, 2017

thank u mam

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| Feb 27, 2017

The medicines prescribed by the doctor also includes zinc,calcium, folic acid and iron... are these really essential during pregnancy or can they be the good substitute of diet

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| Jan 25, 2017

is delivery safe in private hospital than government hospital

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Gagan Deep

| Oct 12, 2016

thank u... for tips

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Zini Hussain

| Sep 29, 2016

thank you madam.... :-)

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Puja Vasisht

| Sep 21, 2015

@ankita, Hi wheat germ is the germ part of wheat. You may get it food stores/flour mills/packed variety also. In the 9 month of pregnancy, you should really concentrate on eating a balanced diet, as weight gain of the foetus is maximum now. So do try and include above mentioned foods, as they would take care of your additional nutrition needs of pregnancy.

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ankita sharma

| Sep 20, 2015

Thanyou dear for much needed information. What is wheatgerm and from where can we get it... And what diet should be taken in 9th month ... This is wonderful piece of knowledge...

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Sushma Venkata Lakshmi Verubhothla

| Sep 11, 2015

Here a pregnant woman should also have pomegranates, bananas and beet roots in their diet, which helps to increase blood level in body, which plays a major role at the time of delivery.

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