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9 weeks and 4 days pregnant

9 weeks and 4 days pregnant
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The baby’s facial features are becoming more distinctive by this stage. The very fine eyelids have now completely fused over the developing eye and will remain closed until approximately the 26th week of pregnancy.

Just as you get used to the idea that you’re pregnant, you may discover that you’re carrying more than one baby.

Do you have an instinct that you’re having twins?Some women, even very early in pregnancy, suspect they’re carrying more than one baby simply because they feel “more pregnant”. Signs of a multiple pregnancy include highly sensitive breasts, and extreme nausea and vomiting and tiredness. In a multiple pregnancy, your uterus might also be larger than expected. Your doctor or midwife may be able to feel it rising into your lower belly from this week, instead of from 12 weeks as in a singleton pregnancy.

Whether or not you suspect anything, the first ultrasound scan will show definitely if you are carrying more than one baby.

The news that you’re having two or more babies may not always be delivered with the greatest tact. For instance, the sonographer may look at the scan and say that “something needs checking”. This sounds worrying, of course, but remember, he or she is only being cautious before giving you the life-changing news. The sonographer may also be checking your twins for size, to rule out any major problems. Once this is done, however, there are likely to be hearty congratulations.

I’m delighted we’re having twins but how will I cope?

I felt the same when I was expecting and had so many worries – “Will I be able to breastfeed two babies? How many nappies will I need?” At first, your head is likely to be spinning with these thoughts, as you get used to the idea of your twin pregnancy.

To give yourself time to come to terms with the news, you may prefer to keep it to yourselves for a few weeks. What you’ll find is that family and friends react differently. Responses can range from pure joy (usually from thrilled grandparents) to envy or a bit of scaremongering (from friends and strangers).

We found it helpful to talk to others who were expecting twins or who were already parents to twins. Contact Tamba or your local twins support group, or look online for chatrooms.

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