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9 weeks and 5 days pregnant

9 weeks and 5 days pregnant

The lower limbs are now held flexed at the hip and knee joints, and the legs may be crossed. The separate toes can be distinguished. Further growth of the thigh and shin bones will bring the foot length into proportion with the rest of the leg.

One of the downsides of pregnancy is being at greater risk of urinary infections, so you need to be aware of the signs.

It’s important to be on the lookout for any signs of a urinary infection while you’re pregnant. Although it’s not very serious, and can be easily treated, it’s a complication you can do without.

An infection may cause you to urinate more frequently, but this is also a symptom of early pregnancy so can be hard to spot. If, however, you also have stinging or discomfort when you actually pass urine, lower abdominal pain, or even blood in the urine, you may have developed a urinary infection. These infections are very common in women in general, because the urethra (tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside) is very near the anus and so bacteria do not have far to travel to create an infection.

In pregnancy, there are high levels of the hormone progesterone; this relaxes the tubes of the urinary system making it even easier for bacteria to enter and infect the bladder or even the kidneys. It is very important if you have the symptoms of a urinary infection that your doctor tests your urine. In general, urinary tract infections are easily treatable in pregnancy. If there is an infection, you will be prescribed antibiotics that are safe to take. The infection must be treated because, if left, it may cause damage to your kidneys.

If you were a regular exerciser before becoming pregnant, it is important to continue with some form of exercise. Stopping altogether, just because you’re pregnant, would be a shock to your fit body.

There are some contraindications to exercising, but if you have clearance from your doctor, take the following steps to ensure that you are continuing to exercise safely and effectively, and getting all the benefits from your programme without putting you or your baby at risk.

If you’re used to cycling, continue to do so in early pregnancy. As you get bigger in later pregnancy, your changed centre of gravity might make it precarious.

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| Jul 31, 2019

now I am 9 weeks 5 days pregnant dr.. told that I have less sugar (102 after overnight fast) does it effect my baby ???

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| Apr 20, 2019

hiii meri 28wek prancgcy h muje phro me drd bhut h

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| Jul 25, 2018

what is size of ..child at this stage. ..

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| Jun 19, 2018

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