A paediatrician's journey to motherhood

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Updated on Oct 12, 2020

A paediatricians journey to motherhood
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The day I first announced my pregnancy to the husband he gave me a smile and said, “congrats, great finally it happened.” There was no thrill, excitement no hugs or kisses. Just simple happiness! Same was the case with the entire family. Definitely they were happy but why not as excited as I was? Maybe because we were doctor parents or probably 'because we didn't face the mental agony of infertility issues,’ whatever the reason, I felt the lack of extreme warmth and why I still don't have an answer!

Being a paediatric doctors by profession, 29-years-old and 26 weeks pregnant people expected me to know all about pregnancy, children, labour etc. Definitely, I did. Still there was a lot my books didn't teach me.

For about a year my hubby and I pondered over the issue as to when would be the best time to conceive or plan! Let me tell you there's no best time or perfect time. Definitely you should plan, but you can never narrow down to a particular period and say this is the 'best time'. Each day will have its pros and cons.

Being a strong headed, independent woman I was able to handle the peer pressure of "Oh, how long yet?" question. But truly speaking its quiet frustrating when people give you advices on conceiving especially to the extent as to which day is best to have your dose of sex!

In spite of having a supportive family and husband-cum-friend, there were days when my mind would go through a hurricane of emotions (so called mood swing outbursts), lot of doubts and insecurities about my decision, planning wisely for our future responsibility financially, mentally, and fear of delivering the baby well without complications. Changing of our bad habits to inculcating good ones!

Be it any woman on this Earth pregnancy and child birth is a phenomenal part of nature and most important event in a woman's life and irrespective of your education, position or power each woman needs a lot of warmth and support.

 Being a lucky one with good family and nuclear one I still don't find it easy to cope with it (if not difficult). Considering our Indian scenario of joint families, gender preferences, woman health ignorance, and above all the mental turmoil she goes through, she definitely deserves best care by warmth and love. 


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| Sep 17, 2016

very true...

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| Sep 17, 2016

yes.. true... whatever you are... Whoever you are... evry woman goes through these things at some or the other time... being a woman is enough a reason to attract any n every type of pressure in our society.. but just forget it... n enjoy yours exclusive n yours only miracle of nature... pregnancy n later have a blessed parenthood!

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