A Simple Lesson My Child Taught Me About Living Life

Vandana Prakash
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Updated on Feb 08, 2019

A Simple Lesson My Child Taught Me About Living Life
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While he was playing with his cousin and dad, his father asked him playfully, “What would he like to be when he grows up?”While his cousin said he would want to be a scientist, my son being his fun-loving self said, “Papa I would like to be Riaan only”. His father again tried to make him understand the question and told him your answer could be doctor, engineer or scientist. Riaan didn’t change his answer and said, “ I would like to stay the way I am. I don’t want to change myself”.

Lesson My Child Taught About Living Life

I was speechless for a moment and realized how our innocent children teach us such meaningful lessons in life.

  1. Don’t worry, stay happy: Why try to change yourself according to what others say? We can be ourselves and be proud of our own identity. While I understand it’s not easy being a parent and life can get tough, but we can always slow down. Your brain might tell you, you don’t have time and you have big responsibilities. Slow down and play with your children.

  2. Live in the moment: My child appreciates everything around him. He doesn’t think about what is coming next. Instead of worrying what’s next on the agenda, why don’t we get out of the monotony and enjoy the present moment?

  3. Parenthood teaches you how to love unconditionally: While my husband and I do not always agree with each other’s parenting techniques. And that is because we are in this together and both of us want to do the best for our child. My child also sometimes argues with me but we don’t take it to bed. It’s forgotten and forgiven. Isn’t it?

  4. Small wonders: When was the last time you enjoyed seeing a fluttering butterfly? When was the last time you enjoyed making bubbles out of the soap water?  Don’t stay busy in completing your tasks, take a break and enjoy the small things.

  5. Be yourself: Before I had my child, life was all about me. But being a parent has taught me that life is more than just ‘me’. We are in this world to make it a better place. But we don’t have to do this by changing ourselves. And now my resolution is I just want to be myself. For my entire lifetime, I would love to be Vandana.

So mommies, do you think you can be yourself while you make the world a better place for your growing child? I hope you liked the blog, do comment and share the lessons you have learned from your children.

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| Feb 12, 2019

liked very much, we are so busy in our life that we can't take out time for ourself only... we should live n enjoy the present moment right. Thank u so much

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