A working mom's Sunday -- Here's how it goes for Dr Pooja Attrey

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Updated on Apr 28, 2017

A working moms Sunday Heres how it goes for Dr Pooja Attrey

What Sundays looked like earlier

I used to have a long ‘to do’ list for Sundays, at times longer than usual workdays, which included doing laundry, going to the market, attending a family function or outing, or showing up at a long-scheduled workshop—all this on top of making sure that everything was running smoothly at home.

Bumps on the road

On one Sunday, I had to attend a workshop that was scheduled ages ago; my baby had to wake up without me by his side again, and couldn’t play with me even after a week-long wait (although he spent a fairly good play day with his father).I tried to compensate my daytime absence at night by kissing and hugging him while he was half-asleep and smiling, but I still feel guilty about not spending that quality time with him.

What Sundays look like now

Nowadays, though, I make sure to get all my laundry and shopping done on the weekdays and I simply postpone or even cancel that visit to market or not-so-important family function or outing. Plus, now on, for every missed Sunday or holiday with him, we will be having our own day, on any weekday!

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a social life—we do, but at our own convenience. We plan park visits or play dates with neighbouring kids, or short outings with our children.

There’s nothing more that I love than being with my son and being a loving and fun mother-son duo.This includes watching him smiling in his sleep, extended cuddling time on lazy mornings, making faces, dancing (with music or without), singing rhymes at the top of our voices, visiting parks and parents, and simply just being free! That’s my idea of an ideal Sunday, or for that matter any other holiday.

Since the day I joined the working mum’s club, I made a promise to my then 8 months old child that he would always be my first priority, so after a week of hectic juggling my professional and personal lives, my Sundays are now my Sondays!

Are you a working mum? How do you spend Sundays? Let us know in the comments below!

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| May 01, 2017

thank you pooja.. ☺

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| May 01, 2017

Hi anusha.. i am telling u from my exoerience.. That there is Nothing to worry.. Nthing will ever change the love between u n ur baby.. U r lucky that u have ur parents n in laws help in baby care.. Means abundance of love for ur baby while ur at work. And as fir quality time... U can have ut on holidays with the baby... Just try n work around doing other imp things on weekdays... N keep holiday for baby.. Good luck dear:)

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| Apr 30, 2017

am a mother of 3 month old baby.. am planning to rejoin my work after 4 more months.. my mom and my mother in law are planning to take care of my baby.. but am really scared of this.. will be manage to be with his grand parents.. though he is with them throughout the day.. at night he will be with me.. i can talk and make him sleep at night.. by doing this will i lose my baby's love towards me? kindly advise.. i am really confused and worried..

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