Academic Underachievement in Adolescents: Psychosocial factors

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Academic Underachievement in Adolescents Psychosocial factors

Underachievement means to perform less than expected which is what happens with almost all of us in all domains of life be it our jobs, our home, or taking care of our kids, or any area which demands our contribution. In the context of academics, when the performance is way below expectations in schools we call it academic underachievement.

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Mohita Malhotra

| Oct 05, 2015

Great article and very relevant in today's context .... Can you pls share how to monitor child's peer group especially in age of social media where you have many channels of connectivity like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Skype and whatsapp ....

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Shikha Batra

| Aug 19, 2013

Thnx so much Gaurima!

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| Aug 19, 2013

AWESOME blog Shikha :)

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