8 Winter Things To Keep Your Child Engaged

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8 Winter Things To Keep Your Child Engaged
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Keeping children indoors during winters is a herculean task for parents and if your child happens to be a child with special needs then making him or her understand to stay indoors during winters, may become tricky at times. So how do you ensure that you keep your child engaged during winters and don't let the winter blues set in.

8 Activities to Keep Your Child Busy Indoors During Winters

Let us take a look at the activities that you can invest your child's time in.

  1. Puzzle time: You can buy a couple of puzzles for your child who can develop his/her cognitive skills while also have some quality time spent. Puzzles will keep your child busy as he/she will enjoy doing them all day long. Various puzzles are available in the market catering to every age so you can choose from them
  2. Encourage reading: There are a number of reasons why you should encourage your child to read, be it his/her own textbooks, newspapers and even other informative books. Reading in a relaxed ambience will help your dyslexic child to overcome his or her inhibition of words and letters and will help in school as well
  3. Exercising: Apart from the outdoor playing activities engage him/her in some indoor exercises. You can look up in the internet to get some simple and fun exercises to be done with your little one where you can give him/her some company. Yoga can be one of the exercises for your child who is hyperactive. Yoga will help him or her to stay calm and channelize the energy in a positive manner
  4. Act out a story or play: Act out a story or play for your child or better still involve him or her in the performance that ways you ensure that he or she is also involved in the play and have his/her share of fun. Invite parents of other special children as well to make the event more memorable
  5. Baking: The art of baking will never go old and you can involve your bored little one in the same. You may teach the basic baking skills to your special child and see the happy expressions on his or her face when the baked product is ready to be savoured. At the end both of you can relax and munch on the cookies while watching your child's favourite TV show
  6. An outdoor visit: Since your child will get bored easily by staying indoors most of the winters, you can plan a day out with him/her. Take your child to the museum or to an aquarium where he/she can learn about history or nature in a practical manner. You can come home and ask your child what all he/she remembers and also write about the experience of the day
  7. Dress up and click photos: This is the best way to spend time with your child while being indoors while the cool windy breeze blows outside. Dress up in the best manner and click photos of your child where you can accompany him/her too. The photos can be stuck up in a scrap book that your child can make using his/her creative imagination
  8. Go on a nature walk: You can take your child for a nature walk either early in the morning or in the evening where he/she is mostly likely to spot different kinds of flora blooming in the cool breeze and fauna as well. This is also a good way to teach your child about nature by simply stepping out of your house for a couple of hours

These are some of the activities that may help you in keeping your special child engaged during winters. An outdoor excursion can be a good learning experience for your child provided you take proper care before venturing out on a cold winter day.

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| Jan 30, 2018

interesting read!!

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