Adolescence and mental health

Riya Thomas
7 to 11 years

Created by Riya Thomas
Updated on Mar 22, 2022

Adolescents from the Gen-Z have their own struggles. Let’s step into their shoes for a moment. Since adolescence is also the time where a child develops most of their emotional and social learning skills, imagine being exposed to a pandemic world at that stage. 

As a parent, it can help to spot early signs if the child is not feeling okay. Parents' outlook and attitude towards the child’s mental health can be a make or break.

We have come up with a special initiative for this international Adolescent week to help parents build a stronger connection with their adolescent. Join us for workshops and special videos from our Psychologists and mental health experts, who’d help you learn and understand various aspects of adolescent mental health. 

Watch these videos here :

  • How to help your adolescent deal with peer pressure : 

Link here :

  • Body image and self esteem in Adolescent 

Link here :

  • ​Workshop: Depression in an Adolescent 

Link here: 

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