Benefits of drinking adrak-tulsi tea to boost immunity during breastfeeding

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Benefits of drinking adrak tulsi tea to boost immunity during breastfeeding

Are you a breastfeeding mother as well as a fan of adrak-Tulsi tea. Here is a good news for you. This heavenly drink is highly beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. So don't wait. Make your cup of tea and continue reading to understand the benefits of adrak thulsi tea during breastfeeding. Here is your recipe.

How To Make Adrak-Tulsi Tea?

You can prepare it with or without tea leaves and milk. Remember the quantity of ginger mentioned here is very less. You can take 1-5 grams, according to how strong you wish your tea should be.

Adrak Tulsi Chai With Milk

Add 3 to 4 small slices of chopped or sliced ginger and 5 basil leaves to one cup of water and a quarter cup of milk. Boil for around five minutes. Switch off the stove and close it with a lid. Wait for two minutes. Now all the essence of ginger and tulsi will come out. Strain and serve. Sugar is not recommended.

Adrak Tulsi Tea Without Milk

After scraping off the peel, clean and grate a piece of fresh root ginger. You can even crush it in a mixer jar or with a pestle and mortar. Take two cups of water in a pot and put the crushed ginger to it. Bring to boil. Now bring down the flames keep on simmer. More you simmer stronger your tea will be. Now add chopped/ crushed tulsi leaves. Switch off the stove. Close the pot with a lid. Wait for 2 minutes. Stain to a serving cup.

You can add honey, lemon juice, freshly crushed black pepper to the tea, this not only enhances the taste, it also add some more benefits to adrak tulsi chai. All the additives mentioned here will further boost your immune system. The lemon juice enhances the effectiveness and absorption of antioxidants in Tulsi and ginger. And honey is an excellent substitute for table sugar.

Why Is Adrak-Tulsi Chai So Beneficial?

Before analyzing the benefits of ginger- tulsi tea, let us find out what is so special in ginger and tulsi.


Did you know a few leaves dropped in drinking water can help purify it and kill certain germs within it? That is the power of tulsi.

What Gives Tulsi This Power?

Eugenol, the active constituent present in the leaves is largely responsible for the therapeutic power of Tulsi. Other constituents like ursolic acid and carvacrol have anti-microbial properties. Moreover, Tulsi is rich in antioxidants, therefore, it enhances the immunity significantly (immunomodulatory properties). Tulsi also has anti-diabetic, anti-hypercholesterolemia, anti-hypertensive, anti-carcinogenic, analgesic, anti-pyretic, anti-allergic properties, anti-tussive and expectorant properties, which makes this herb very special.


Although all spices are good sources of antioxidants, ginger is blessed with 25 different antioxidants ones all by itself. This makes ginger one of the mother nature's top antioxidant Foods. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, thermogenic properties., blood thinning properties making it highly beneficial.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Adrak-Tulsi Chai During Breastfeeding?

Here are some of the benefits of ginger-tulsi tea during breastfeeding.

  1. An excellent immunity booster: Both Tulsi and ginger are excellent in boosting the immunity and therefore highly beneficial for breastfeeding mothers, especially on winter days during which, different kinds of disease-causing microbes thrive in the atmosphere.
  2. Enhances the flow of breast milk: Both Tulsi and Ginger are listed amongst popular lactogenic foods that effectively increases the production of breast milk. Therefore, drinking adrak-tulsi tea is highly beneficial for breastfeeding mothers.
  3. Good stress buster: Tulsi is an excellent adaptogen, one which recharges your adrenal glands, helping you to respond to stress. Similarly, cineole in ginger also helps to deal with stress. Therefore, drinking tulsi-ginger tea can help to reduce the stress during the nursing period of the mother.
  4. Excellent remedy for cold and flu: Ginger-tulsi tea, with all his therapeutic properties, is an excellent option to alleviate the annoying symptoms of cold and flu that bothers you more during breastfeeding. Ginger with its warming property (thermogenic), helps to fight the phlegm. At the same time, Tulsi helps to fight the inflammation, allergies, and infections in the upper respiratory tract.
  5. Aids digestion: Breastfeeding mothers who consume new food or supplements to boost their milk supply sometimes end up with gastric or digestive issues like a gassy stomach. Having Ginger-Tulsi tea on a daily basis is an excellent choice to keep the digestive issues at bay. It also provides fast relief from the annoying symptoms of all types of gastric issues.
  6. Reduces the risk of nausea: A small percentage of mothers are reported to have experienced nausea while feeding their baby during the early weeks of breastfeeding. Ginger-tulsi tea is well known to bring down nausea.
  7. Helps with weight loss: Are you trying to shed that extra weight you put on during pregnancy and during the postpartum period? Here is a good news for you. Drinking 3 to 4 glasses of ginger tulsi tea (without milk and sugar) every day will help you with losing weight.

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Hi Sarah ! Tea leaves is chai Patti that u use usually at home.

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Adrak -tulsi tea is not only beneficial during breastfeeding but otherwise as well for all age groups. thank u so much for sharing it's benefits and how to make one.

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