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How to Protect Child From Air Pollution ? Do's & Don't Do's Precautions

Cheena M Gujral
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Created by Cheena M Gujral
Updated on Nov 04, 2019

How to Protect Child From Air Pollution Dos Dont Dos Precautions
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Recently in Delhi NCR, air pollution is one of the most talked-about problems. Where it is affecting adults with major health issues, it is equally dangerous for low immunity children. Air pollution is one of the most talked-about problems these days. Where it is affecting adults with major health issues, it is equally dangerous for low immunity children. This blog is to make parents aware of how to deal with bad air and explains various measures to protect children from being affected. This is a sum-up of a few dos and don'ts to secure your family from polluted air. [Check - What Dr. Shipra Mathur Recommend to Avoid Indoor Air Pollution?]

How Air Pollution Impacts Children?

Air pollution is nothing but the presence of many unhealthy particles, chemicals, and gases in the air, which makes it unfit for breathing. This deterioration has happened because of many activities on the planet due to human compulsiveness in the name of commerce. From heavy traffic to burning garbage with extensive emissions from industries, there are many contributors in polluting air. In scientific terms, the quality of the air that we breathe is measured in AQI (Air Quality Index). This index acts as an indicator to make us aware of the quality of the air surrounding us. The increased pollutants (PM units) in the air have made lives prone to many respiratory and skin diseases. And the problem is manifold serious when we talk about children and kids under 5 years of age. [Know More - How Air Pollution Is Affecting Children ?]

Researchers say that a child inhales more air per kilo of their body weight. It means they are in taking more pollutants than adults, so proportionately they are going to be more affected by the toxic gases and micropollutants thriving in the air.

Don't Do with Children During Air Pollution

Firstly understand the “don'ts” with children, when we talk about air pollution. Take these precautions 

  • As a parent, always stay updated with the air quality check. Use mobile apps or news feed to be updated with high pollution days.

  • Avoid outdoor activities with children during day hours. The active roads and hot sun rays are activators of air pollutants.

  • Don't encourage staying outdoor with your kids. Visiting parks or open places are unfit for children during severe pollution hours.

  • Staying or stopping near heavy traffic zones is inadvisable with kids.

  • Excessive aerobic activities like running or exercises in parks are not good during pollution.

  • Avoid smoking to protect the air from worsening.

  • Avoid air circulation vent in cars and use air cooling.

Prevention is always better than cure. So just by mending our daily routine and following a healthy diet, we can fight with pollution at a better place. Since children have low immunity levels due to fussy eating habits, they are more reclining in catching illnesses caused by bad air. Many cases of running nose, burning eyes, skin allergies, and pulmonary infections had been alarmingly raised among young children. The worst of this is impaired lungs in a few medical cases. As our cities grapple with smog and toxins, here we sharing some tips to protect family & children [video].

Do's When Air is Too Bad to Breathe

Follow some does when the air is too bad to breathe. Always consider these precautions...

  • Try to stay indoors with your children. Encourage indoor activities and plays to avoid more exposure to bad air.

  • Opening windows and doors is no more a good act for ventilation in air pollution, however, use air conditions for filtering the air.

  • Wearing N99 or N95 masks are always advisable to filter the air kids are breathing when they are out.

  • Planting air purifying plants like aloe vera, spider plant or snake plant is highly advisable to keep the home air clean.

  • Many options of HEPA air filters are available in the market. That could be an option for at least keeping home air cleaner for children.


What Healthy Balanced Diet to Fight with Pollution?

It will increase immunity and help developing resistance to pollutants(air pollution)

  • Vitamin A rich diet includes sweet potatoes, carrots, juices that make stomach membrane resistant to infections.  So include these in your child's diet.

  • Vitamin C rich fruits like lemon, oranges are good for strengthening blood vessels and help with better circulation of oxygen in the body.

  • Vitamin E is always a natural immunity booster that protects cell damage. Increase the intake of eggs, green leafy vegetables in your child's meal plan for good resistance to pollutants.

  • Turmeric milk is a home-made remedy for natural immunity strengthening drink. Having ginger tea will also help your child stay fit from allergies and infections.


There is always a solution to every problem. Uncontrollable air pollution can also be managed with little more care and awareness. I hope the measures discussed precautions suggested here will help in handling pollution, a better way.

This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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