Causes cure and Home remedies of treating Anaemia in Children

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Causes cure and Home remedies of treating Anaemia in Children
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There are few medical conditions which are not a disease, but a symptom of it. I am referring to Anaemia here, which can be normally witnessed amongst kids from 7 to 11 years of age.

What is anaemia?

Our blood has millions of red blood cells who are carriers of oxygen from lungs to various organs and body tissues. REd blood cells or RBCs have haemoglobin as a component, that binds oxygen to it and do the transportation all over the body. When the count of RBc decrease exceptionally in body, it is termed as anaemia. It is a blood disorder, where body feels less supply of oxygen and come up with other symptoms.


What are the symptoms you can look for an anaemic child?

When the proper oxygen is not reaching the body tissues, it will come up with following symptoms.

  • Lethargy or extreme tiredness in kids.
  • Child feels light headed and fatigued.
  • Dizziness and irritability in children can hint the lower haemoglobin.
  • Pale yellow skin or dull eyes.
  • Nail beds look lesser than normal pink and they get brittle.
  • Swollen hands and feets with jaundice like normal appearance.


Causes of anaemia /types of anaemia.

There are number of reasons for low blood cells in your children which are affecting their energy, focus and ability to learn.

  • When body is destroying RBC: this is a type of autoimmune lysis where our own body is treating RBCs as external agents and fight against them by destroying the cells. This expulsion leads to low blood cells in body and ends up in anaemia. Sickle cell anemia is also a type where RBCs turn sickle shape from round, and get self destroyed.
  • Slow production of RBC.: Many a times its the immune system that is producing lesser blood cells. It could be any infection or disorder that leads to low formation of red blood cells and induce anaemia.
  • Nutritional problems or deficiency of iron in diet can lead to anemia. The haemoglobin in red blood cells is synthesized with iron, so an iron deficient diet can surely bring anemia in children.
  • Genetic disorders or hereditary reasons can pass this genetic blood disorders in the family.
  • Girls or teens under puberty or hormonal changes are prone to lose blood and reduces the iron levels.
  • Loss of RBCs due to excessive bleeding in injury or diseases is another reason for blood loss and anemia.
  • Sometimes prolonged medication and illness affects the Hb levels in blood.


Treating anemia.

Anemia is not a major disease seeking  complicated treatment. It is a medical concern  which can be cured with a good precautionary and curative methodology. It's treatment depends upon the age of child and the severity of the disorder.


Home remedies

Balanced diet: It is very important to change the nutritional plan in children dealing with low blood Hb. Consumption of green leafy vegetables, meat, egg yolk, tomatoes, raisins etc is important to regain the iron in body. However with vegetarian child, one can try the below remedies.

  • Beetroot, carrot and sweet potato juice when consumed almost daily, helps building in the iron content and more haemoglobin.
  • Spinach soup with other green vegetables is also highly recommended in anemia.
  • Banana and apple are rich in magnesium which help in synthesis of Hb in red blood cells.
  • Dates when soaked overnight in milk, makes it rich in values. Drinking this milk really works in anaemic children.
  • Vitamin C rich diet eg citrus fruits, help in more absorption of iron, thus help in gaining better level of red blood cells.

Concerns with anaemic child.

 It is very important to be aware about the medical condition of your child.

  • Regular blood tests to look for Iron and haemoglobin levels in blood.
  • Teenage girls shall be counselled to consume a healthy diet, especially in menstruation days.
  • Excessive Cow milk consumption shall be avoided, as it is low in iron content.
  • Avoid consuming coffee or tea with meals.
  • Family practices of healthy living and eating shall be encouraged for motivating kids to follow the same.
  • It is wise to seek medical help in case of extreme cases. Supplements of vitamins or iron can be introduced with doctors advice.


Anaemia can be easily managed if it is tracked down in early stage. So follow the precautions to help your child gain back her energy and enthusiasm.

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