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Anorexia: An eating disorder that affects teens!

Shikha Garg
11 to 16 years

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Anorexia An eating disorder that affects teens

Do you have a teen son or daughter who is showing adversity to food? Is your teen always obsessed with the amount of calories he or she intakes? Eating disorders among teenagers are quite common, due to peer pressure and the unnecessary pressures from the media. In this blog our proparent blogger Shikha Garg shares some basic facts about one eating disorder called Anorexia. And she does that by answering few queries like • So how do you as parents handle these things and ensure that your teen is eating healthy and develops healthy eating habits instead of avoiding food? • How can you develop healthy eating habits? By being aware yourself • Anorexia – what it means and how it affects your teen • Symptoms, causes and cure. Interested? Click here to read more...

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