Are Bumps On The Nipple Normal Or Something To Worry About

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Are Bumps On The Nipple Normal Or Something To Worry About

Have you ever thought about why there are little round bumps around your nipple? Though it may seem strange at the first go, it is absolutely normal so there is no need for you to panic about the bumps around your nipples. To add to this, some women have also experienced small, and painless, bumps on the areola. Well, pimples and blocked hair follicles are also very common and can occur to anyone. Talking about the bumps specifically, they are the raised patches of the skin, and pimples can take the form of whiteheads. However, if the bump becomes painful, or itchy and shows the signs of redness, discharge, or rashes, it could indicate a condition that might need medical supervision. 

Why Do Bumps On The Nipples Form?

As already stated above, it is very common to have pimples or bumps around the nipple. Some might be benign and small while others could indicate different types of complications such as abscesses. So, let’s see at some of the possible causes-

1. Areolar Glands- Also known as Montgomery glands, they are the small bumps that appear on the areola that also secretes oil for lubrication. To add to this, they are very common. In fact, every woman has them, though the size can vary from person to person. Also you must know that they are painless. 

2. Yeast Infection- In case the bumps on your nipple are accompanied by rashes and itching, then this could be due to the presence of a yeast infection. These infections can spread rapidly and are also accompanied with redness and itchiness. 

3. Acne - Acne is something that can appear on any part of the body, including the nipples. Acne in and around nipples usually take the form of small whiteheads. In fact, this can occur at any age and is common in women who work out as their skin comes in easy contact with the sweat on their sports bra. 

4. Blocked Hair Follicle - Everyone has hair follicles around their areola. These hair follicles can get blocked easily thereby leading to ingrown hair or pimples. In only rare cases will the blocked hair follicles lead to the onset of abscesses. 

5. Subareolar Abscess- Subareolar abscess can be defined as an accumulation of pus that develops inside the breast tissues. They are commonly caused by mastitis, a condition related to breastfeeding. But this condition can also occur to women who are not breastfeeding. Subareolar abscess can appear as a tender, and swollen lump found under the areolar gland. It’s often painful. 

Wrapping Up 

The treatment for the bumps around the nipple will totally depend upon the cause or the reason behind the presence of these bumps. In case the bump or the pimple around the nipple is swollen, painful, then make sure that you quickly book an appointment with your doctor. These can be the signs of the nipple complications. 

Don’t stress and see the doctor as soon as possible!

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