Are we encouraging our children to be super competitors?

7 to 11 years

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Are we encouraging our children to be super competitors

My daughter never finishes her plate of food. But there is one time when I do not have to worry. This is when her cousin sister who is year younger, is in town. Then all one needs to do is get them to sit for lunch together and say, “Let’s see who finishes first”

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Sushma Kamili

| Feb 25, 2017

my son is often angry in small things like big persons, how can I solve him

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sunita Pal

| Jan 31, 2017

thanks for the valuable suggestions... it surely going to help all of us

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Saba Moin

| Jan 31, 2017

Its really worth to teach our child the value of competition. Thanks for such a nice blog

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Alka Sharma

| Jan 31, 2017


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| Jun 27, 2016


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arti sharma

| Apr 05, 2016

Gud process thought accn. to age

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Dipangshu Mallick

| May 09, 2015

Very nice

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| Apr 12, 2014

very nice and candid share... but I prefer taking a clear stand on this as an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind and what anyone can give is always his best shot and the joy and happiness is always in seeing urself as ur best competition. This will leave a better world and happier humans!

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| Oct 28, 2013

Beautifully written!!

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| Aug 26, 2013

Excellent article

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| Aug 17, 2013

Lovely write-up !!

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rashmi kheria

| Aug 13, 2013

A Must read article

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