Are you inculcating hatred in your child while viewing the India-Pakistan Cricket match?

Ankita A Talwar
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Updated on Aug 15, 2020

Are you inculcating hatred in your child while viewing the India Pakistan Cricket match
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We are all waiting for 15 Feb, when India and Pakistan, battle it out on the cricketing grounds. While it is a thrilling time for all, we need to take a break and think about what impressions we are leaving our children with. Here are a few questions, you must ask yourself, as a proparent, before jumping up and down when the ball hits the boundary.
1) Am I inculcating a feeling of hatred in my child, without logic? Why do we revel beyond the usual when a Pakistan batsman gets out, or a Pakistani bowler gets hit by an Indian Batsman? If your child asks you this, can you give an honest, impartial answer, without the taints of nationalism in it? Can you answer in just the spirit of the game? Think about it!
2) Are we burdening the coming generation with a history of almost 6 decades back? Knowing history is good, feeling nationalistic is good, but harbouring hate and anti feelings, even after 65 years? And passing this on to the next generation? Is that right for your child?
3) If we win, or lose, what message will the children catch? Good sportsmanship is ideal, winning over a neutral country is great, but winning to Pakistan, bliss? Why?
4) The punches we throw in jubilation, the cuss words we use in despair? Is it fair to later blame our little ones of being aggressive, when they have just witnessed their, otherwise, complacent parent, turn into a ball of adrenalin, swearing and cursing.
5) What happened to sportsmanship? Remember a sport is played for the sport, and not for the egos! Save your children the unnecessary download of aggression and ego and treat the match as a match.
While, it is not about not enjoying the match, it is about enjoying the match responsibly, especially when your child is watching you. And as proparents, we are sure you will.

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| Feb 13, 2015

Completely agree with you on this! Respect your sentiments but would like to add, situation would be much better if our counterparts too could be sensitive on the same and reciprocate .if both countries play their role in sensitizing their kids we all would agree game would remain just "a game". congratulations to u on such a brilliant write up.

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| Feb 14, 2015

I completely agree with this. My eight year old child regularly watch sports channel & cricket matches even very old history matches. One day while he was watching india pakistan match i explained him about the feelings of indians while watching this match. I accept unintentionally i have inculcated hatred feelings in him. The write up is really a eye opener.

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| Feb 16, 2015

It's a brilliant blog at a very apt time. We should think rationally what we will get by display of aggression against our neighbours. This has to stop and let's make a positive start.

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| Mar 01, 2015

Thanks Shikha, Sunita, and Ishta for liking the blog and appreciating it so much.

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| Mar 03, 2015

great blog.

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| Aug 05, 2020

Salute to this beautiful write up

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