How to Introduce The Art Of Pottery to Your Children's ?

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How to Introduce The Art Of Pottery to Your Childrens
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Working with clay can be fun and relaxing as well. So, if your child has a creative streak in him or her and doesn’t mind messing his or her hands then you can introduce pottery art to your child. As parents you know that extra-curricular activities help in developing a child’s personality and if that activity is something that he or she enjoys then nothing like it.


Tips To Introduce Your Child To The Pottery Art?

Check you these interesting ways to introduce the art of pottery to your tiny tot!

  1. Begin with basics: In order to trigger your child’s interest towards pottery, you can begin with a baby step. Give your child some colourful clay to play with. Show him/her how it can be moulded into anything he/she wishes. Your child will try his/her hands on the art and enjoy the soft, squishy clay taking form as he or she likes.
  2. Be a guide to your child: Once your child enjoys playing with clay, you can sit with him/her and teach him/her how to mould clay into different shapes. You can start with anything basic such as making a few round balls and stacking each other up to build a clay snowman. Other colours can be used to make the snowman’s eyes, collar and a nose. Gradually your child will also pick up and come up with objects from his or her own imagination that might surprise you.
  3. Give your child books: There are various books available for beginners who would like to create beautiful craft out of clay. Giving your child this book will help him/her explore his/her talent of sculpting with time.

These are some ideas through which you can introduce your child to the art of pottery. Once you feel that your child is showing extensive interest in creating some unique shapes or sculpture and collage lessons  out of clay then talk to him/her about pottery.


What Are The Benefits Of Child Pottery Classes?

There are numerous workshops that teach pottery to children. Some of them also give trial classes for free. Enrol your child in sculpture and collage lessons where he or she will learn a new set of art and will soon develop a liking for the same. But, you might ask - what are benefits of introducing your child to pottery?

Here are few benefits of child pottery classes.

  1. Boosts creativity: The first time you give your child clay, you will never forget the look on his or her face when he/she is rolling, pulling and squishing the clay for fun. Your little one is happy with whatever shape she/he gives to the clay, which is also a way to express his/her freedom and creativity
  2. Self-expression: Young minds love to express. Having clay in their hands give them an enhanced sense of spatial awareness. Knowing that they are in charge of the clay, gives them a sense of authority to craft anything out of it. This boosts their creativity and self-expression. When children make mistakes in clay but know how to fix the issue, it awakens confidence and self-esteem in them
  3. Problem-solving skills: Spatial awareness is required in the art of sculpting, which is three dimensional. Focusing on crafting an item out of clay helps the child to navigate in real world. Working in clay gives a child the knowledge to plan and solve problems with their three dimensional piece
  4. Soothing effect: If a child has attention issue or anxiety, clay can help her/him soothe the anxiety and achieve focus. A child with depression also benefits from clay as it is the way to reveal his/her emotions by moulding, pulling and rolling the clay to form a desired sculpture
  5. Discipline: Child pottery classes have norms and guidelines to be followed or else there can be negative consequences. The rules are simple, which gives a child an opportunity to be responsible for his/her own actions in a calming environment
  6. Pride: As far as pottery is concerned, the process of learning is important than how the product turns up in the end. The knowledge a child receives in creating his/her sculpture helps him/her achieve self-worth. A finished artwork gives your child a sense of pride after seeing his/her physical labour finally paying off in the form of appreciation he/she receives from you


These are only a few of benefits of enrolling your child in a pottery class where pottery wheel for kids is available so your child can bring out his/her creativity. Exploring his or her hidden talents will give your child utmost satisfaction and he/she will crave for more. You also do not want to miss out the look on your child's face every time he/she creates a sculpture all by himself/herself.

Did you like the blog on how to introduce your child to the pottery art? Is your child interested in pottery? How did you encourage his or her interest? Share your views and thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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| Jan 02, 2018

My daughter has a chapter on pottery in her syllabus. I took her for some hands-on experience and she thoroughly enjoyed those sessions. it definitely has it's own benefits including calming down. thanks for sharing this useful blog!

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