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Autism- How to stop your child from wandering off

Koyeli Sengupta
1 to 3 years

Created by Koyeli Sengupta
Updated on Sep 05, 2020

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A typical child who has learnt to walk and run enjoys the activity everywhere including public places. At the same time he/she is  conscious of the prescence of his parent or caregiver. The child may run ahead of his parents, pause and look back to check they are there. However, in children on the autism spectrum, a sensory overload in tems of the crowd, colors and noise can inerfere with the child's ability to stay in relative proximity to his parent of caregiver. A child may wander off to escape from the situation or environment that causes him anxiety and stress or to get to a place that offers him some stimulation that he likes. This can pose a  grave danger to his physcial safety and wellbeing. Dr. Koyeli Sengupta, a Senior Develpmental Pediatrician from UMMEED Child Development Center, Mumbai talks about how you can keep your child safe from wandering off.

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