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How To Deal With Awkward Statements/Questions Your Child Asks

7 to 11 years

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Updated on Feb 08, 2021

How To Deal With Awkward StatementsQuestions Your Child Asks
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In this age of computer savvy generation, there are end numbers of innocent questions that children ask. And while we do reply them with a playful joke or an interesting story they listen to it interestingly. But once your child reaches above the age of five years old, they understand a lot since they watch television and play on mobile phones.

When I was pregnant with my little one, my son aged seven then asked me, “Mama where will the baby come out from? How will the baby eat food?” To which I patiently reply that God will create some magic so that the baby will come out to meet us all. There are many such questions similar to this, which may put you into an embarrassing or an awkward position. And this usually happens when we are in a gathering, outing or anywhere but not at home where the question is heard loud and clear. Fret not, as parents we always have an inbuilt talent as to how to tackle such questions. Read on and you will discover that it’s quiet easy to handle embarrassing situations.

  1. Mama where was I before I got inside your tummy?

  2. Why do grownups fight?

  3. Mama you always say not to talk bad about that anybody. Why were you talking bad about that aunty? Why don’t you like her?

  4. Mama I saw this bus accident on the road and I am scared, I can’t sleep

  5. Will you also leave me? Will you die? My friend has lost his father

  6. What does condom mean? Why are they kissing like that

  7. What are periods?

And many more that we face every other day. There are no rules to how you answer these questions because some of them may make us feel embarrassed, there are others which may anger us. But hold on your horses. When it comes to your children don’t shout at them or ignore the question.

  • Emotional

    When your child asks you an emotional question, such as do you love me, why do you fight or you love my sister more than me, understand that they are asking for reassurance – that comforting feeling of belonging that they call home. Respond to them by saying, “Okay we shall soon find about it. Shall we?” Do not reprimand or shush them when they ask such questions. Especially when they see their parents fight. As much as possible avoid arguing in front of your children to build a healthy environment
  • Periods and Sex

    When they get curious about their private parts and the opposite gender’s private parts don’t go about getting angry with them. The best way to tackle such questions would be to honestly tell them that girls are created different than the boys. That doesn’t mean going into detailing; just a straight answer may satiate their curiosity. To impart more knowledge on sex and sex related questions, when they reach 13 years of age, it would be the best time to let them know more. Also, schools these days have been guiding children with regards to periods and sex
  • The F Word

    Be careful around your kids while using particular words. As adults we tend to use the F word often – be in anger or out of happiness. Kids naturally catch on and you may have to face a situation where you are forced to reply to them. All you got to do is apologize that you used such a word and no one in the family should use them. Do not scare them or get angry on them, instead politely tell them that these are foul words, and should not be used
  • Where do people go when they die?

    The question on dying is crucial and awkward. For example I had a hard time when our dog died. My son of age seven was close to him and couldn’t have his meal the next day. He kept asking where they all go when they die. Simple way is to tell them that they turn into stars once they die. And that after death they will soon be reborn into something better and live a beautiful life. What they couldn’t do in this life, they can after they are reborn. So in this way, you aren’t lying to them and you are also telling them facts while helping them deal with the situation

Above all, do not ignore their questions. Kids look up to you whenever they face issues, or are curious about things they can’t understand. They follow you, they copy you. Probably the best way would be to tell them stories of you as a child. Funny anecdotes could also be helpful in trying to explain to them about some things. Set time parameters while viewing television or when playing with cell phones. Keep a watch on what they watch since internet has become at the beck and call of every individual.

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| Feb 19, 2018

my 7 yrs daughtr also ask that y she does not have breast like me.... whn she will get it as i have... whn will i die ...bcoz her frnd lost her mthr ...i had an accident nd she got scared nd now she keep asking me again dat plz tell u will not die na

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| Feb 21, 2018

innocent questions which need to be dealt with sensitively.. for our children we are their world and our words means a lot to them. hence it becomes necessary to use age appropriate language with them.

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| Apr 19, 2018


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| Jan 26, 2019

my 10 year old son asked me what is the meaning of 'rape'? I answered him without getting perturbed.. that it was a way of torturing somebody in a very cruel way.. that was the only ans that came to my mind at that moment.

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| Jan 22, 2020

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