8 Ways To Baby-Proof Your Home

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8 Ways To Baby Proof Your Home
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So your newborn is no more satisfied sitting in one place and has started crawling and reaches for things he or she is not supposed to touch? While it is good to see your baby crawl do you know that your home could be a breeding ground of hazardous dangers for your little one? We don't want to scare you, just forewarning you with some suggestions to make your home a safe haven for your baby.

Scroll down to read what all you can do to baby-proof your home so that your infant can crawl around the house without you getting worried all the time.

Baby-Proof Your Home In 8 Easy Ways

Here are 8 easy ways to baby-proof your home.

  1. Electrical outlets: This is undoubtedly the first thing that your baby will try to reach out, when he/she starts crawling, which is why you must call your electrician right away. Babies love to poke their little fingers in the electric sockets, specially the ones that are at the floor levels
  2. Barricade the stairways: If you have a duplex home or happen to have stairways in your house, barricade them. Once your baby starts crawling, you will have no clue when he/she will crawl on the stairs when you are busy with your chores. It is tough to stop those tiny inquisitive on their fours from roaming around the house. In order to prevent your baby from falling off the stairs, you need to barricade them. Installing baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs will prevent from the little adventurous climber to have a downfall
  3. Remove the plants: Babies love to pick up everything and put in their mouths, which is why you need to remove the plants from your home and keep them outside. The dust and mud collected by the plants will be dangerous for your little one who will surely be inquisitive to have a little taste of the same. In addition, your baby out of curiosity may also eat mud
  4. Keep the floors tidy: With the baby roaming all across the floor, it is quite important to keep it clean. You must not have any shoes or socks lying on the floor and smaller items have to be dealt away quickly before your baby notices it and reaches out for it
  5. Move the furniture and make space for crawling: Give your baby enough space to crawl by moving furniture to the wall. This way you can also hide the switches or any other shelve you don't want your baby to reach out to
  6. Keep the hazardous products out of reach: All the hazardous products in your house such as dish cleaner and toilet cleaner must be kept out of your baby's reach. You can install a cabinet for these products and store them somewhere at a higher level, away from your child
  7. Cabinet locks: You know how inquisitive these little ones can be and soon your baby will start learning to open the cabinets and drawers and remove the stuff out of it, causing a mess in your home. If you have locks on them then better lock it and if not then it is time to install locks on them. This will reduce your task of keeping the house clean from the possible mess that your little one can create
  8. No small toys: You must be all set to pamper your baby with all sorts of toys but you should specifically avoid the smaller ones as he/she can put it in the mouth and possibly choke. Not just small toys even small objects lying around the house and should be stacked up in a place that is higher than your baby's reach. Things like sewing kit, first aid kit should be kept away hidden from the inquisitive eyes of your baby

Other Measures To Baby-Proof Your Home

Apart from these measures, you can clear the chords away or simply tie them up neatly, keep the furniture off the windows, install grills on the windows, keep mobile phones out of your child's reach, not leaving insect traps in the open, install toilet lid locks and keep your bathroom doors locked all the time. All these tips will help you keep your little one safe in your house.

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| Jan 19, 2018

Very helpful information... thanks a lot!

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| Jan 19, 2018

amazing tips to do baby proofing in our homes.. A must read for parents of lil babies!!

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| Jan 20, 2018

thanks 4 this information

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| Jan 20, 2018

Very nice article.. Must for a first time parents

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| Jan 21, 2018

good info

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