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Does Your Baby Snore? Try These Snoring Home Remedies

Kshitij Yadav
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Updated on Jul 19, 2021

Does Your Baby Snore Try These Snoring Home Remedies
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Babies make all sorts of different noises, such as snoring, snuffling and whistling while sleeping in the initial few weeks after they're born. It is the vibration of respiratory structure and the sound caused by obstructed air movement while sleeping. Irregular breathing and pauses while taking breaths result in snoring. Parents often get worried of newborn snoring because they expect that their babies should sleep without snoring.

They start thinking that there is something wrong with their babies, which usually is not the case. However, there are symptoms that should not be ignored and parents should immediately contact the pediatrician.

Why Does Baby Snore?

  • Infant Apnea:

    Usually found in babies younger than a year, it refers to a temporary disturbance in breathing while sleeping
  • Tonsils' Infection:

    When baby’s tonsils become enlarged due to infection, it can lead to snoring. Also known as obstructive apnea, it can cause gasping along with snoring
  • Septum Deviation:

    In this condition, the nasal septum that separates the nasal cavity into two deviates from the center
  • Infection in Respiratory Structures:

    When baby has a stuffy nose due to cold, the nasal blockage can make baby breathing through mouth. Which results in snoring
  • Asthma:

    Asthma could very well be a very reason why babies snores. In some, it might just be respiratory allergies causing this

Home Remedies For Snoring

  • Rinse the Nose

To hose baby’s nose can really help your baby to breathe easily. You can also buy a salty nasal spray or prepare the spray by yourself by adding a quarter of a teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of pure water. Put a couple of drops of the salted nose drops once in a day into the baby’s stuffed nose. You should also take out secretions from the baby’s nose through a nasal aspirator.

  • Humidify the Air

Moistening the air can also help with a blocked nose especially when the air in your baby’s bedroom has been dried out. Use a warm-mist vaporizer to make the bedroom’s air humid. You should also give your infant a warm shower just before it is bedtime so that the humid air can take away the secretions from the nose, allowing your child sleeping without snoring and easily.

  • Removing Allergens

Removal of allergens would also help your baby to stop snoring. You should take pet dander, dust, and other allergy triggers away from the child’s bedroom.

  • Change the Sleeping Posture

Snoring is also linked with sleeping posture in many babies. It is important to note that children often snore while sleeping on their stomachs or on their backs; however, they stay quiet while sleeping on their sides. Also, you should ensure that the baby sleeps on his back and not on his stomach since he can’t move his head to breathe.

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