8 Effective Tips To Lose Baby Weight (Fat) In Winter

Janaki Srinivasan
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Updated on Dec 06, 2020

8 Effective Tips To Lose Baby Weight Fat In Winter
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How can you stay motivated even through the winters to lose that extra flab you gained while being pregnant? Losing baby weight post-delivery is a combination of good dietary practices and exercise. This can be challenging during winter because dropping temperatures, morning fog and occasional rains make exercising outside difficult. This is a time when you'd rather be in bed and enjoy that extra hour in the warm bed cuddled close to your little one rather than put on your running shoes and venture out. Add to this food cravings and coughs and sniffles—just enough to derail your well planned fitness regime.

Worry not, as our proparent blogger Janaki Srinivasan shares 8 interesting tips containing diet plan to lose that baby weight in winter.

Post Pregnancy Baby Weight Loss Diet Ideas In Winters

Most mums claim that breastfeeding and other hormonal shifts post-delivery help to lose baby fat or weight to a certain extent, yet at some point you realize that it is not enough. You need to watch out and take extra care to shed those extra pounds in winter. Let's look at some tips to get started.

#1. Start The Day With A High-Power Breakfast

We can’t stress enough that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

  1. Eating a protein and fiber rich breakfast sets you up for the day
  2. Besides it ensures that you keep away from unnecessary cravings in between that tempt you towards fried, oily foods that can hamper your weight loss, especially after you've just had a baby

#2. Choose Foods That Increase Your Metabolism

Because your exercise regime has slowed down, make sure you take in food that up your metabolism. These include: hot green tea, cinnamon, turnips, broccoli, sweet potato, fruits such as apples, berries, and pears. Also remember, keeping away from sugar is the fastest way to lose weight.

#3. Indulge In Soups 

Winter is the perfect time to make and indulge in healthy soups. Make your soup extra healthy with kidney beans, vegetables, lentils, chickpeas—just enough for a filling lunch or dinner when you want some comfort food on a cold day.

#4. Stock Your Freezer

It's a good idea to pre-plan and stock your freezer with healthy meals that you could defrost in case the weather outside is rough.

  1. Most of the time, we are inclined to go in for high-calorie, fatty foods when we run out of ingredients at home
  2. To avoid this, stock up on soups, stews, cheese, peanut butter, whole wheat bread and so on

#5. Increase Your Incidental Exercise 

When it is too cold to go out for your regular run/jog, it's time to switch over to incidental exercise.

  1. This includes taking the stairs instead of the escalator, walking up to the printer and coffee vending machine instead of asking someone to get it for you in the office
  2. Park your car at a considerable distance so you can walk, walk to the train station instead of driving, and so on

#6. Exercise Indoors

Yoga and Pilates classes are the best way to cut down extra pounds without having to go out.

  1. You don't need to worry missing a class due to bad weather
  2. Indoor net ball is also effective to shed baby fat. You could also get yourself some exercise DVDs and exercise in the comfort of your home

#7. Find A Buddy Who Shares Your Goals

It's a lot easier when you have someone to share goals with.

  1. Find a buddy/neighbor who also wants to lose weight (not necessarily baby fat). It gets easier when you have someone to prod you and keep you going
  2. Your buddy becomes your motivator too, so you seldom slack. Alternately you can make new friends who are new moms too and share your goals

#8. Keep A Visual Reminder

This one's easy. Keep reminding yourself that winter is not the time to slump. Summer's round the corner so you need to get into skirts and exciting clothes.

  1. This can be possible only if you work hard in winter to lose those extra pounds that will otherwise accumulate and crash all your summer plans
  2. Don't let a bad day continue to become a bad week
  3. A visual reminder keeps you motivated and makes you feel guilty when you miss your fitness regime and hence is a good way for people who procrastinate

Whatever technique you may choose, remember to go easy; don't push yourself too hard. After delivery, a lot of things are happening at the same time and you're gradually adjusting to it. Hormonal changes are quite intense, too. Losing weight at this stage cannot happen in a trice. It takes time. But what is important, is to be consistent and not leave your fitness regime halfway. A step everyday will go a long way to help you shed those extra kilos so that you can almost get back to pre-pregnancy shape and size. Patience is the key !

Did you like the blog on how to lose your baby weight post pregnancy & its diet plan? Share your views and feedback in the comments section below.

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| Nov 19, 2017

quite helpful blog

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| Nov 19, 2017

wonderfully writtern, many thanks. I have already lost all weight i gained in pregnancy but want to reduce more bcos i had put on weight after my first pregnancy.

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| Nov 19, 2017

well written article. Meenakshi Shankar plz share ur weightloss routine. I also want to reduce weight my baby is 4 months old now

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| Dec 18, 2017

M also worried about my protruding tummy after delivery. It makes me look still preg. Read the blog and found it helpful. Thank you.

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| Mar 06, 2018

gggbbbnn. ygffgbbhgjhggyyyfftttytyyDssdbllppjnnn

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| Mar 06, 2018

loyalty towards m oo

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| Nov 25, 2019

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| Jan 10, 2020

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