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Balanced diet: Foods for toddler growth and development

Dr Himani Khanna
1 to 3 years

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Balanced diet Foods for toddler growth and development

Want your child to do better at school? Take a close look at their diet. Certain foods for toddlers may help boost his ot her brain growth! This blog on healthy eating by Developmental Peadiatrician, Dr Himani Khanna, tells you the basics of nutrition—the food groups and foods for toddlers that make out a balanced diet. With a handy healthy food chart, in this blog read about: 1) Components of food 2) Function of each food 3) Good sources of each food 4) What a deficiency in each food can lead to. Know more....

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Monoshree Bhattacharyya

| Jan 18, 2017

hi swetha adda there are some food allergen in food community. food allergen includes nut ,milk,fish, soy,shellfish,egg,wheat etc. soy products are useful in case of lactose intolerance,but soy itself is allergen. you have to identify the particular allergen for your baby and now you have to avoid that food completely. incase if your child have allergy in gluten,he/she can not digest any wheat product like bread biscuit roti chapati etc. then you have to depend on rice products.

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Pradnya Mane

| Oct 27, 2016

want to know what I can give my daughter of 10 years to eat as she eats nothing at home.. she is interested only in junk foods

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Swetha adda

| Oct 26, 2016

hai my baby is suffering from eczema wat ever she eats she vl having itching all over d body plz suggest whch type of food shld I give her. moreover she vl nt eat only ,need to feed her forcefully. age of her is 1yr 7months,plz help me

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Laxmipriya Moharana

| Sep 28, 2016

very very informative.

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Rashi Goel

| Sep 24, 2016

My baby girl is 5 month old... abhi khane ke liye kya kya de sakte h ....

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Garima Jain

| Sep 24, 2016

Try giving soya milk and tofu. U can also add soya flour in whole wheat flour. Give him chikoo, specially the white portion near seed, its full of calcium or makhana. I did the same with my son since he was also lactose intolerant.

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| Sep 02, 2016

hi Dr. my kid is lactose intolerance kid.. who is 2 yrs ne... hw I can compromise his daily calcium needs...

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