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Be Kind To Animals This Summer : Teach Your Child

Mansi Dubey
7 to 11 years

Created by Mansi Dubey
Updated on Jun 07, 2018

Be Kind To Animals This Summer Teach Your Child

“It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.”

Summer has arrived and it never arrives alone. It brings vacations, children running around the house playing and breaking things you’ve tried to save for years, and the scorching Sun making us sweat like anything. We spend our summer lazing around the house in air conditioner and coolers but there are other beings around us who are unable to have a comfortable summer like us. Animals are an integral part of our environment and without them, we ourselves would struggle to exist. It’s a shame that they don’t get to enjoy summer like we do. I think it’s time to give them the love and affection, after all, we need to be kind to every kind, not just mankind. Take an initiative and teach your child kindness towards animals.

  1. Adopt, don’t buy

    If this summer your child is asking you to get a pet. Choose adoption as an option. You can change a pet’s life who needs a family and home. Tell your child what good he/she will be doing by giving an animal a home
  2. A place to stay and relax

    All day animals search for a place to find shed and hide from the Sun. Provide them with a temporary place to relax and to avoid the heat. Teach your children that if they ever see a dog or a cat lying under the shed outside their house, do not disturb them or make them run away
  3. Feed them

    Engage your child in activities which will teach him/her compassion. Make your child feed the stray dogs (in your presence), cows, or any starving animal. Make your child help you fill the bowls for birds with food and water
  4. Don’t let them be thirsty

    Water is essential for all of us. It’s always good to have a bucket filled with water outside your house for the animals and water bowls for birds. Ask your child to fill it up for you. Make sure to tell him/her why it is important
  5. Don’t harass the animals

    Sometimes your child may indulge in bad activities. There have been many stories about how children harass stray dogs and cats just for fun. Teach your child he/she should never take part in such activities

These little things would make a huge difference not only in animals’ lives but also in your child’s life as well. Compassion towards animals builds compassion towards human beings. If your child is good to beings who can’t speak or express themselves that we can only imagine how good he/she will be to human beings. Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see, it’s a boomerang that always returns.

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