Being a mother - An everlasting bond

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Being a mother An everlasting bond
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After two miscarriages and many unsuccessful visits to infertility specialists we decided that it was time for adoption. However, the adoption process seemed to be as depressing, complicated and time consuming as my previous visits to doctors and at one point of time I was ready to give up hope and accept a childless life.

Then, during one of the interviews with the adoption agency, we met our baby girl for the first time. The only expression I can think of to describe the moment is ‘love at first sight’. She was a beautiful small little girl with huge expressive eyes, who captured our hearts the moment we set our eyes on her and there was no turning back till we could bring her home.

Today, I have a biological child too who was born naturally 1 1/2 years after my daughter became mine. But I became a mother the moment I met my daughter. No biological link perhaps is needed to be a mother, just love and the knowledge that she is your child and you are her mother for the rest of your life is enough. An everlasting bond created with unconditional love and tons of faith..that's my experience of being a mother to my daughter.

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