Being a Mother - is to be a child yourself

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Being a Mother is to be a child yourself
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To me, carrying a child is an option, a choice we make, just as getting married is a choice. Therefore I do not believe that one needs to enforce extreme changes in their life to be a mother. Perhaps all a woman needs is plenty of childlishness in her, and all expectant parents need to do is to prepare themselves to be children again.
For me, being a mother is enjoying the abundence of happiness that life bestows upon us. I believe every person experiences childhood three times in their life - when they are a child, when they become a parent and finally when they grow old.

As a mother I am also a Child. Being with my children is like being in a beautiful and innocent world untouched by the daily grind of work and social responsibilites. When I am with my children, I make sure that my mind is free. Only then am I able to come down to their level, play with them and make the most of our precious moments together.

While teaching my children, I myself feel like a student. At one point, I used to think studies is when we teach them what's there in their textbooks. But gradually when I started listening to their thoughts, how they felt about a particular subject, I realized that the way my children understand things is completely different from the way I try to make them understand. Whilst I saw books as study material which needed to be reproduced as it is, I learnt that my children live and feel the subject and get engrossed in it as if it were a real life situation around them. They live and feel a story.

This opened a new door for me and helped me connect with my children at an all new level. My beautiful children have taught me how to see things from their eyes, and how to feel the things we see. It is a different world altogether. They live every thought and experience we give them. So if we give them only rules and conditions, their imagination and thoughts will only revolve around those conditions. Which will severly restrict them, you may agree. If we give them happiness, they will give it back manifold.

Being a mother, I am very proud to say that I have become a child once again in my life. My children are my stress busters. They are my pain killers.

I am blessed to be mothering two very special chdilren.

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| Oct 09, 2013


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| Oct 10, 2013

Nice thought put forth... becoming a child with our children

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| Jun 17, 2015

Lovely thot

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