Being a Mother - The Magical feeling

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Updated on May 08, 2013

Being a Mother The Magical feeling

I dreamt about having a baby for years and now that I have my precious child in my arms, it is like a dream come true, as if God has answered my most heartfelt prayer. A doctor by profession, I gave up my job at the Apollo hospital due to complications in my pregnancy. Earlier I always thought that having a career and being financially independent was the most important thing in life, but when it came to my baby's well being, all of it seemed inconsequential. 

I decided that I was going to spend all my time with my little one and not compromise on his upbringing by juggling between him and a demanding job. This was nothing less than a sea change, at least for me ! Now little Ethan is a month old. My green-eyed adorable little elf. All the pain I went through when I had him is a faded memory. His birth was no less than a miracle - labor pains lasting 4 hours and the actual delivery lasting a mere 15 minutes!! 

I do find that taking care of a little one is a lot of hard work, but I am loving every bit. The sleepless nights, the favorite foods that I have had to give up, the things I am not able to do - all seems like nothing when I see that angelic smile spread across his beautiful face. The times when he soils his nappy and gives me a very proud smile makes me laugh. I know now that there is nothing on this earth that compares to the bond between a mother and her child. 

My baby is always looking for me and I have learnt that no one can soothe him like I can. It is also a bit unnerving in a way...the realization that this little life depends on you for food, sustenance, love, everything...It is a commitment beyond any other. Of all the jobs I have held so far, this is truly the most rewarding. And I know that this is a bond that will last the longest. I treasure every moment, every smile and everything about little Ethan. 

Because I know childhood lasts such a very short time and I can never go back in time to capture these moments again, Ethan and me, we will live for the moment. And that's the magic of 'being a mother'.

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| May 15, 2015

i appericiate urs decision

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