Being a Mother - The most wonderful creation of God

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Updated on Apr 19, 2020

Being a Mother The most wonderful creation of God
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Mother – One of the most wonderful creations of God.

When I look back at the past 25 years of my life, I can hardly count the number of times I would have thanked my mother for all that she did for me. The selfless love, care and respect that she has given me is invaluable. She has gone through everything- sleepless nights to changing nappies, making us gobble down our food 3 times a day, resolving our tantrums while managing the household chores- all with a smile.

She is a huge reserve of patience such that we always saw a smile on her face even after a hard day at work. I wonder how many times had we thought of helping her??

The “toddler me” never noticed her sacrifices, the “teenage me” ignored it by branding it as her duty, but as I step into her shoes today, I realize that she genuinely deserves more than what I have given her. She taught me lessons of life which I will treasure; she always stood by me in times of need even before she was asked. She guided me when I was wrong, supported me when I was right, appreciated each small tasks that I did - be it cooking, stitching, painting or knitting (which I finally never learnt). How many times would I have acknowledged her support???

As I see my little son come up to me with his beautiful eyes filled with love and admiration, I realize how life changes when you become the world for your little one, it would have for my mother too…

Its better late than never!!!

Dedicating this article to my mother, I thank her wholeheartedly for being my inspiration.

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