Being a Mother - The supreme joy

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Being a Mother The supreme joy
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I gave birth to my son in my hometown Manipur. My husband works as a software developer in a firm in Gurgaon and hence could not stay with us in manipur for more than 20 days.

For three months I stayed at my husband’s place. My mother-in-law and relatives took care of me. Then after three months my son and i came to Delhi. After coming to gurgoan my routine changed as i joined back to work when my son turned 7 month of age. I had always thought that i would breast feed him for 6 months, as that would have been best for him. When I get exhausted with my daily chores, household work and office tasks, and i realize that I am doing everything for him, most of my tiredness goes away. When I come back home after a long day and see my son's loving face , all my fatigue goes away.

For the first time I started making roti, paratha and puri for his tiffin. We started sending him to day-care from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday since he was only one year and six months old. These days whatever I do I always think of the best for my son. I started thinking that I have to be a strong mother for my son.

Besides his father, I came to realize that I am the best person who can bring happiness to my son. Now at our house, everything is done according to my son's routine. Now, he can speak our native language Manipuri very well and can speak Hindi to some extent. Every day he is learning new things from day care. He can sing rhymes both in Hindi and English.

After having my son, I came to realize how much care and love I got form my parents. Now we are revolving around his life. We always give first priority to our son's needs. Our life has become very interesting after his arrival. Every day is a new day for us. We are very proud of our son. I am very happy taking care of him . I feel very happy being a mother to my son. When any negative thought comes to my mind then I always think that i need to be a strong mother for my Son.

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