Benefits Of Almond Oil Massage For Your Infant

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Benefits Of Almond Oil Massage For Your Infant
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Many experts suggest regular oil massage of newborns and infants help develop strong bones while nourishing the delicate baby skin. Regular oil massage is a part of Indian tradition and every household in India believes to this. However, new parents are often overwhelmed with choices available in the market. If you too are confused which is best for your baby then let us tell you, most parents prefer almond oil massage for their babies.

Best almond oil for baby massage

Before you pick any almond oil for babies you need to know a bit more about almond oil and its varieties. Almond oil can be bitter or sweet. The sweet almond oil is preferred over the other variety because it’s safe for the skin; it’s edible so even if the baby put his hands on his mouth, you need not panic.

Benefits of almond oil for baby

The biggest benefit of almond oil for baby massage is the natural Vitamin E and Vitamin D present in it is good for baby’s skin. It helps the skin to stay healthy and supple. It’s light and gets absorbed easily by the skin making it soft and smooth. The oil can be used throughout the year. Almond oil also has anti-inflammatory properties and helps healing damaged or dry skin. Almond oil massage for baby has added benefits during the winter months. It’s a natural moisturizer and prevents your baby’s skin from drying up. Almond oil massage is beneficial to reduce itchiness or skin rashes. If your baby is used to wearing diapers almond oil massage can help the skin stay soft avoiding diaper rashes. Almond oil is not only good for skin but for hair and scalp too! Almond oil helps in hair growth and prevents the scalp from drying. Other use of almond oil includes promoting a good sleep when massaged gently. Almond oil massage in babies helps to relax the muscles, promoting circulation which helps babies to sleep better. Massaging your baby’s tummy gently with almond oil also reduces the chances of indigestion and helps remove gas. However, remember, tummy massage should be done before feeding time.

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How to use almond oil for baby

Almond oil massage can be done either before or after bath. Be it winter or summer, the lightness and non-greasy texture of the oil makes it suitable for massage throughout the year. Before you start massaging, place a clean towel on bed or on your lap and lay your baby on top of it. Massage gently with your fingertips in circular motion on the scalp to loosen the cradle scalp which often looks like dandruff. To massage the body, take some oil on your palm and rub your hands gently. Start massaging with the arms working towards the shoulder, chest, back and legs.

Almond oil is natural extract of almond and usually does not create any skin allergies in babies. However, if you notice any rashes, itchiness or redness in your baby’s skin, stop using it immediately and consult your child’s pediatrician.

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Olive oil

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| Sep 08, 2019

Which brand of almond oil suitable for 6 months baby?🤔🤔🤔 Please suggest me

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L900 to t to d

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| Jun 30, 2018

Himalaya body massage oil is good for 4month baby

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which oil is better for massage in summer for 8month child

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which oil massage wl help for improving complexion

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