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What Are The Benefits Of Walking Barefoot?

Roshni Sherpa
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Updated on Aug 17, 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Walking Barefoot
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Humans were designed to walk barefoot but over the course of years, to prevent ourselves from stepping on something sharp or dirty, we’ve gotten used to wearing footwear like shoes, sandals, and slippers and so on. When we walk barefoot essential pressure to the toes helps to unlock some of the accupuncture points which are healthy if performed regularly. 

You’ll be surprised to know that there are a lot of health benefits one can obtain from walking barefoot or earthing/ground (Yes, that’s the official term for it). Maybe it’s time you kick off your shoes and run freely to enjoy life as is. Here’s what walking barefoot does to your body:

Relieves stress:

  1. Increases blood supply to your foot:

    In our modern lifestyle where we sit in the same place for hours on end, there’s not adequate blood supply to our feet. This affects the mobility and can even result in numbness in your legs. When you walk barefoot, the blood rushes to your feet because of the increased pressure. This shall also keep away fatigue and sprains in the lower half of your legs. 
  2. Reduces the chances of heart disease:

    A recent study revealed that walking barefoot can prevent thickening of the blood and optimize the surface charge of the blood cells. Along with this, it also improves blood flow as mentioned above. All of these factors reduce the risk of heart diseases like a blocked artery or a heart attack. So next time you are in the park give it a try and walk bare foot!
  3. Reduces blood pressure:

    The sole of your foot is where a lot of nerve endings are present which is why this is used for acupressure and acupuncture. When you walk barefoot, all of these pressure points are activated which help in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. 

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  1. Improves immunity:

    The number of sensory receptors on the feet will help in sending signals to the brain to keep your body primed and ready to fight against all sorts of infections. This makes your immunity system stronger and will keep you away from common illnesses like cold, fever and so on
  2. Most people who walk barefoot on grass report that they feel more relaxed and calm after. A fresh walk early in the morning with the sun peeking through the clouds will help kick-start your day with the right mind-set. Similarly, an evening walk can declutter your mind of all the stress and tension you’ve experienced throughout the day and help you sleep better
  3. Neutralizes charge:

    The free radicals that are present in your body can increase the chances of your body absorbing toxic substances. When you walk barefoot, these free radicals are absorbed by the earth’s surface which leaves a positive impact on your body

We hope we’ve convinced you to take off your footwear and walk barefoot at least for an hour or so in a day. It’s one way of getting close to nature and reaping the benefits from it.

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| Mar 13, 2018

Wow! Me and my family will definitely follow this.

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| Aug 28, 2018

nice information

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