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Bento Box Lunch Ideas For Your Child

Huda Shaikh
3 to 7 years

Created by Huda Shaikh
Updated on Apr 26, 2021

Bento Box Lunch Ideas For Your Child
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Let us be frank enough. Packing Tiffin for your child can be one of the most difficult tasks for a mother especially if you are a working mum.So here we are with some bento box ideas.

What Is A Bento Box?

A bento box is a tiffin which has multiple compartments and lets you pack an entire meal. The bento box originated from Japan wherein rice or noodles, fish or meat and pickled veggies or cooked ones where packed in a tiffin as complete meal. So if you are looking to pack a healthy meal for your kiddo then here are few bento box ideas which would come handy.

Easy Bento Box Ideas On The Go-

  1. Whole wheat pasta salad box-

    Most of the kids are pasta lovers. So to make it interesting and healthy boil some whole wheat pasta, add in veggies and beans of your choice toss it and place it in one part of the box. The other 2-3 compartments can have a tomato salsa dip/avocado dip/hung curd dip/chana dip along with slices of fruits and nuts
  2. Fruity fun salad box-

    One side of the box can have mixed fruits ,drizzled with honey and pumpkin/sunflower seeds and the other parts contain greek yogurt/plain yogurt, mini sandwiches bites and boiled eggs/roasted chicken/paneer OR Tofu with grilled veggies
  3. Peanut butter fruity box-

    If you do not have the time to prepare sandwiches, then simply apply peanut butter place banana slices, sprinkle chia seeds/pumpkin seeds and your peanut sandwich is ready. Place cut fruits on one side of the box and salad sticks with some mint yogurt/garlic yogurt
  4. Hummus veggie box-

    Simply prepare a Frankie/wrap/roll with whole wheat roti and apply hummus to it. You can add roasted veggies, chicken/paneer and some cheese to it. Top it up with hung curd dip /mint yogurt. Now cut these wraps in small pieces and place in the box. The other parts could have cut fruits, nuts and seeds along with mixed beans salad or any salad of your choice
  5. The chicken/bean salad box-

    How about adding hung curd instead of mayo? Add some hung curd to the traditional chicken or bean salad, add some grapes, baby spinach, grated carrots and roasted sunflower seeds. Your salad is ready. On the other side place some whole wheat cookies, mango chunks and a vegetable muffin
  6. The chilla veggies box-

    On one side of the box place 2 moong dal/besan oats chillas and then place mint yogurt chutney/dill and hung curd dip on one side, add grilled veggies and cut fruits sprinkled with seeds of your choice

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Is there a way we can get weekly menu suggestions for vegetarian kids?

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