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Best Moments With My Twins - Parking My Car

Amit Pandey
3 to 7 years

Created by Amit Pandey
Updated on Jul 27, 2021

Best Moments With My Twins Parking My Car

I was driving with my kids heading to a Play-zone, you can imagine how much kids love going to the playzone, especially, during lockdown, when, all parents have been very conscious of public gatherings, so have we, but it had been quite long and they needed a mood change therapy, so I decided to take them there, anyways, with mask, etc.

We had almost reached there, the parking was a little crowded, so we were finding a perfect place to park, finally after a little struggle, I found one, and as I backed my car to fit in, a woman drove really quick from out of nowhere and took the spot, I was really not in a mood to vent unnecessary emotions, but still I had to vent out, so I told my twins,  see Kiara, Kabir, I would have picked a fight with this lady, but it would have been quite pointless, even though what she did not good, but I forgive her, let's go find another spot again"  to which my daughter replied, “Papa, you did not get angry on her, now see, you will find another parking slot, very easily, God will find one for you", I was like "Aww, my daughter….."

I then found a tricky parking slot, where a bike was parked insensibly, so I stepped out, relocated the bike, made some space and finally parked it, then I turned to Kiara and said, “Kiara you were right, we did find a parking slot rather quickly…” and smiled to myself.

Moments like these are a great opportunity to be the role model and teach the right lessons to your child.


Parentune Founder, Nitin Pandey says,"Children are keen & observant, and they learn from each moment about their surroundings, including people, behaviour, values ​​& relationships. Amazing, how Amit created a learning moment for Kiara & Kabir, while parking his car . Every body needs some inspiration, be it the child or the parent. It's endearing to notice how parents bring in inspiration in day-to-day moments for their child."

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