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Best Ways To Make Your Baby Burp

Priyanka Chakrabarti
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Created by Priyanka Chakrabarti
Updated on Jun 01, 2018

Best Ways To Make Your Baby Burp

When little babies burp, don’t they look adorable? But do you know, there is a purpose that these cute burps serve?

Why Does Your Baby Burp?

Baby burps are basically tiny hiccups releasing air that is trapped in your infant’s tummy. This makes your baby feel more relaxed and easy. Moreover, a burp clears up tummy space, which helps your infant feel comfier and feed longer. Now, burping coupled with small and frequent feeds can be very advantageous for your little one if he/she has a tendency to spit up after feeds or has signs of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). But, like we all know, different babies have different burping patterns – some burp a lot and some find it hard to burp after every feed. In fact, breastfed infants don’t require as much burping as babies who take bottle feed need because they tend to gulp less air when suckling.

How To Make Your New-born Baby Burp?

Read these 3 very effective ways to make your baby burp. Try each one of these methods and figure out which works best for your infant.

Baby on your shoulder:

  • Position your baby on your shoulder in such a way that his/her chin is resting on your shoulder
  • Now gently rub your baby’s back repeatedly from top to bottom
  • Try to slightly press your baby’s tummy against your chest
  • Ensure your baby is breathing easily
  • Your baby will release a quick burp

Baby on your lap:

  • Place your baby on your lap
  • Make sure he/she is seated comfortably
  • With one hand support, his/her body
  • Lean your baby forward
  • Now gently rub your baby’s back repeatedly from top to bottom
  • Your baby will release a quick burp

Baby’s face down:

  • Let your baby lay across your knees with face down
  • Ensure your infant’s head is not lower than the rest of his/her body
  • Gently rub your baby’s back repeatedly from top to bottom
  • Your baby will release a burp

Now, remember if your baby does not burp, there is nothing to get worried about; maybe he/she may not need to burp at that point in time.

When Do New-born Babies Need To Burp?

Does your baby seem uncomfortable while feeding? Or, is your infant twitchy or uneasy when you are trying to put your nipple in his/her mouth? Or perhaps, is your baby starting to cry while feeding? If your answer to any of these is yes, your baby probably needs to burp. In fact, to make the process of feeding easy and enjoyable for both you and your baby, try taking a little burp break in between feeds. For instance, make your baby burp before you switch onto the other breast. However, if your baby seems to be content and easy while feeding, no need to make him/her burp.

How To Make A Baby Burp While Sleeping?

You may notice, at times your baby may doze off to sleep while you are feeding him/her. Now, instead of just laying your baby down make sure you get that burp out because he/she may wake up later with discomfort. You may wonder, how to make a baby burp when he/she is asleep! Well, burping a sleeping infant is not that different from burping an infant who is wide awake. Try the above 3 listed ways to make your baby burp.

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| Aug 22, 2019

What if baby doesnt burp even after trying all the above told methods? Can we let him/her sleep without burp and in which posture?

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| Jul 15, 2019

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| Apr 09, 2019

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| Apr 08, 2019


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| Jun 19, 2018

what do you do, if the baby doesn't burp with either of attempts

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| Jun 05, 2018

in. p xvbn* and I i

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| Jun 05, 2018


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| Jun 05, 2018

Thank you for sharing. Very helpful

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| Jun 01, 2018

Thank you.. Very informative.

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| Mar 17, 2018

My baby usually sleep while feeding, i tried 1st 2 methods for burping him but he wakes up & dont sleep till next feed

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| Mar 15, 2018

Thank you everyone for reading this article :)

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| Mar 14, 2018

Very informative Priyanka, in a concise form. It's an extremely important step that is often seen to be taken lightly.

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| Mar 13, 2018

Thanks for sharing . Very helpful!

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| Mar 11, 2018

very useful info

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