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Bihar Diwas: Celebrate With Your Child

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Bihar Diwas Celebrate With Your Child
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India has 29 states, each with cultures, traditions and celebrations of their own. Bihar Diwas, is one such occasion that is celebrated with much gusto and fun fare in the state of Bihar.

Why And When Is Bihar Diwas Celebrated?

Bihar Diwas is celebrated on 22 March to mark Bihar’s formation. On 22 March 1912, the British carved the state of Bihar from the Bengal Presidency when the Governor of Bengal, Thomas Gibson Carmichael split the Presidency into Bihar, Bengal, Orissa and Assam. However, it was only in 2010 that Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar decided to commemorate this day and ever since, the 22nd of March is celebrated as Bihar Diwas in Bihar.

Bihar Diwas 2018

As every year, Bihar Diwas is declared a state holiday and all government offices, schools etc. celebrate this day through various programs and events. This year is no different as Bihar celebrates its 105th birthday. The government has scheduled a three day grand celebration with Gandhi Maidan acting as the central hub for all festivities. The organizers have been busy setting up stalls and pavilions and the grounds have been noisy with preparations and final last minute arrangements. Noted singers and entertainers, such as, Sunidhi Chauhan are invited to perform and enthrall the audiences.

The Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation is set to organize 50 stalls on the grounds that will cater to a large variety of lip smacking cuisines. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is also said to launch free Wi-Fi facilities in 200 educational institutions.

Laser shows on Mahatma Gandhi’s Champaran visit, as well as, stalls of different government departments will show case and educate the public on the various political and historical aspects of the state of Bihar. Hence, Bihar is all set for a three day celebration bonanza that will instill a sense of belonging and pride to the people of this state. It is therefore, imperative to be educated, informed and interested in this state festival, not only for ourselves but also for our children.

How To Educate Your Child About Bihar Diwas?

  • If you are residing in Bihar, then it will not be too difficult to inform your child about Bihar Diwas. For one, there is enough buzz in the media about the event in the recent days. Making your child go through some of them will help him/her understand the importance and significance of day
  • The most effective and fun way to educate, is however, to take your child with you on any of the days to the Maidan and enjoy the festivities. The carnival of food kiosks, coupled with the open grounds, as well as, the laser show and department stalls are ideal invitations to make learning also fun
  • For those of you, who do not reside in Bihar and cannot visit the celebrations in person, can always follow them on social media, the television and newspapers. Similarly, using these same means, you can choose to educate your child about Bihar Diwas too

After all, a celebration in any part of the country is a celebration for the entire nation. Here is wishing Bihar a very prosperous and happy Bihar Diwas and hoping that the celebrations translate in the same spirit, into better development and growth for the state.

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