Blowers vs heaters: pros and cons with regard to your baby

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Blowers vs heaters pros and cons with regard to your baby
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With winters around the corner are you a first time mommy worried about how to keep your baby warm – with blowers or heaters? Did you know that both are quite different from each other in functionality and purpose? Did you know that both had their pros and cons? and in this blog I am going to discuss the difference between blower and heater and their pros and cons with regards to your baby.

What Is The Difference Between Blowers And Heaters?

Blowers and heaters differ a lot. So, you need to consider the difference between them when choosing one of them for your dear little ones. Find the difference between them listed below.

The Difference Between Blowers And Heaters

A blower is any machine or device that blows air, while a heater is a device that generates heat as its prime function.

How Does Blower and Heater Differ In Their Functioning?

  1. When you need to blow air in a particular direction or place, you need to use blower. Blower uses a centrifugal force to propel the air out
  2. When you need to heat up the entire room or space evenly, you need a heater. Heater's prime function is to heat the air i.e. generate heat
  3. So, if you want to keep your child's entire room warm, you can use a heater. And, if you want to maintain a particular area of your child's room warm, you can blow the heater's heated air in the specific area of your kid's room with the help of a blower. Depending upon the need to keep your baby warm, you can choose to use heater or blower

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Heaters And Blowers With Regard To Your Baby?

When using blowers or heaters to help keep your baby warm and comfortable, it is quite important to learn the advantages and disadvantages of using them. Let's see what are the advantages and then disadvantages of using blowers and heaters for your babies.

Pros Of Using Blowers And Heaters For Babies

  1. Maintains Warmth In Winter:In the cold months of winter, heaters and blowers turn out to be a boon to keep your baby warm and comfortable
  2. Keeps Health Problems Due To Cold Weather In Babies At Bay:Keeping your dear little one warm in extreme cold conditions helps keep various health problems, such as cold, fever, and skin problemsthat occur due to cold weather conditions, at bay
  3. To Carry & Plug:They are easy to plug anywhere and portable, particularly baseboard heaters and handy blower.So, you can carry them with you when you are moving to different places along with your baby
  4. Cost-Effective Options:Also, blowers and some heaters, such as baseboard heaters, are cost-effective solutions for your babies to beat the cold in the winter

Cons of Using Blowers and Heaters For Babies

  1. Nasal Bleeding & Itchy Skin: Since heaters and blowers absorb moisture from your baby's room, they increase dryness that can cause your little one's nasal passage to dry up and bleed. Since your baby's skin is more fragile than that of the skin of grown-ups, the use of heaters for prolonged time can make your baby's skin itchy, scaly, and dry
  2. Injuries To Babies: Blowers and heaters turn extremely hot when you switch them on. If your baby happens to touch them accidentally, it can cause burns and injuries to your dear little angel. So, you need to take a lot of care to prevent your babies from coming in touch with these heating appliances
  3. Increases Risk of SIDS: While using the heater, your baby's room temperature can soar high and increase the risk of causing SIDS i.e. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So, you need to set the temperature setting at a moderate level and not high. Also, avoid keeping the heater or blower turned on continuously throughout the day or night. Make sure you turn it off now and then
  4. Fluctuations In Temperature Can Hamper Baby's Health: The use of heaters and blowers can cause fluctuations in the temperatures when you turn them on or turn them off. Quick heating and cooling can affect your baby's health adversely. You can avoid this by warming your little one's room in advance before taking your baby in and by leaving some doors or window open to avoid quick heating of the room or sudden rise in temperature

Now that you know pros and cons of using blowers and heaters, hopefully you will use them judiciously to keep your baby warm and comfortable during cold winter months.

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