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Bookaroo Delhi 2021: Children’s Literature Festival is back

Shikha Batra
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Created by Shikha Batra
Updated on Nov 25, 2021

Bookaroo Delhi 2021 Childrens Literature Festival is back

Is your child feeling low nowadays? 

Has s/he been complaining every now and then of nothing exciting happening in his/her life lately?


Are you thinking about what to do this weekend to deal with their boredom?

If the answer to these questions is in affirmation, worry not as Bookaroo, the festival of children’s literature, has a perfect plan in store this weekend for your child, provided you happen to be in Delhi around this time. Read ahead to know more about Bookaroo.


Bookaroo- a children’s literature festival set up by Bookaroo Trust, a public charitable trust- endeavours to make books come alive through interactions between children and creators of books and storytellers. This festival began in the year 2008 and has completed 37 editions in 11 years. It focuses on ‘Reading for Pleasure.’


As children get bored easily  and need novelty in life, but with COVID appropriate protocol in place and as a precautionary measure parents have been taking all steps to keep their children safe such as not going to malls, theaters or for dining out to name a few. Now more than ever, is the time when children need some positivity in their lives after staying indoors for more than a year due to shutting down of physical schools amidst the pandemic. All these restrictions are taking a toll on the mental health of children. In order to bring back a sense of normalcy and to keep the children away from the screens, it has become the need of the hour to plan some interesting events for them. 


Bookaroo has made a comeback after a year with just this plan on their agenda with lots of interesting activities for children in the 4-14 age group this weekend. The two day event on November 27th and 28th will be held at the National Rail Museum. It offers workshops on art and craft and storytelling sessions, among other pursuits such as team drawing sessions for all age groups. In addition to these there will be doodle walls, a festival bookstore and a book signing arena available for children . Listed below are details of some interesting sessions by authors and these include:


  • Hands that weave magic  (6-8 age group) by Author Mamta Nainy on an imaginary trip to a village in kota to get a glimpse of a weaver’s family and the sraees they make. 

  • Speak with your fingers, hear with your eyes (4-6 age group) by Author Lavanya Kaushik wherein she will share some fun signs with children from the Indian Sign Language.

  • Where did all the women go? (12-14 age group) by writer Dr Devika Rangachari wherein she will discuss ‘Why is history all about men?’

  • More than the colour of my skin (8-10 year group) by Divya Thomas on exploring various skin colours, kid’s dreams.


Keeping in mind children's and other visitors' safety, hand sanitizers will be installed at all the locations of the event. The visitors have also been advised to wear masks at all times in compliance with the anti-Covid protocols and to practice Covid appropriate behaviours.


Bookaroo is bringing along with it a wonderful opportunity for children including new readers  as well as the avid readers which will cheer them up and bring back a smile on their face. So to conquer their boredom, take your child along to the Rail Museum this weekend and help them be a part of this amazing experience.


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| Nov 25, 2021

Nice blog.

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| Nov 26, 2021

Thank u so much anita ! I am glad you liked it!!

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