How important is boredom for your child?

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How important is boredom for your child
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"Mom, I am getting bored," said an 8-year-old Ryan. Otherwise an intelligent and quite an active boy tends to have these boredom bouts wherein he would complain of feeling bored and not interested in doing anything. Back in our times, if we so much even uttered the bored we would have got a nice thrashing from our parents especially our moms.

But in today’s era it is believed that from boredom stems creativity and hence it is important for your child to feel bored from time to time. Before we go deep into this let’s learn what is boredom? And why is it important for your child.

What Is Boredom?

Boredom as defined by a dictionary is a state of nothingness where the person is not interested in doing even the routine tasks and feels lethargic and lazy.

Well, by that definition how important is boredom for your child.

How Important Is Boredom For Your Child?

Boredom may be an inherent part of life for practically everyone, but it needn't be destructive. While being busy has perhaps become a status symbol and a mark of prestige nowadays. It should be channelized. In fact, we are at our most creative phase when we are idle or getting bored. My interest for writing aroused when I started getting bored, and that was the most creative thing happened to me which I never realized before. Just like I found my calling when I was getting bored help your child find his or her calling when he or she complains of getting bored.

How Boredom Helps Your Child In Realising The Creativity Within?

Here are few things that boredom helps in when your child says he or she is getting bored. Help your child channelize his or her nothingness into something creative.

  1. Boredom encourages creative juices: Boredom encourages the creative juices so if your child is feeling bored from time to time. Talk to him or her and ask what exactly would they like to do. Then encourage him or her to do the same. You can tell your child to sit in a quiet corner and tell him or her to let the mind wander and see where all it travels what all it teaches you and then replicate that with pen and paper. You will be amazed to see what your child produces. However, ensure to keep him or her away from the electronic distractions that keep interfering with the human mind
  2. Boredom helps you connect with your soul: Boredom helped me to restore the meaningful perceptions which acted as a regulatory function and kept me motivated to look further for future projects. It taps our mind to collect long- lasting memories and connecting ideas. Numerous studies have shown that people suffering from boredom lacks stimulation, get easily aggravated and associated with mental dullness in most of the challenges of life. Perhaps boredom is mistaken with all such above associated behaviours. But it needn’t have to be this way. Boredom can help your child with his or her inner soul and relive some past experiences and come up with things that are highly creative
  3. Boredom helps in gaining rewarding experiences: Once in a while I feel boredom is essential, because in its absence one would remain trapped in unfulfilling situations, and miss out on many emotionally, cognitively, and socially rewarding experiences. It should be channelized in such a way that your child is involved in more physical activities like swimming, dancing, sports, painting or any other art and craft. While your child is getting bored he or she may ask for your smartphone or other gadgets, avoid giving in to the demand and teach him or her to revel in the boredom

Give Your Child Some Free Time As Well

Sometimes over occupancy in any field be it a reading, partying, playing etc, can also lead to boredom as the child is not getting any free time wherein he or she can think and digest what all he or she is learning. In addition, the over-occupancy gives the child an impression that the life is meant to be – always on the go and if you slow down you will lose. Hence from time to time let your child get bored and avoid rushing him or her from one activity to other to let the feeling of getting bored set in and something creative comes out of it.

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| Dec 28, 2017

it's amazing to understand the flip side of boredom and the hidden blessings in it. one tends to get creative and recognize the hidden talents and also overcome past distasteful experiences. thanks for sharing this wonderful informative blog..

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| Dec 29, 2017

Good Article. Gifted faculties being used in the correct spirit....

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| Feb 01, 2018

yes my daughter also gets bored and says " Mom I have nothing to do except watching t. v and studies " even though she does only homework and not studies

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| May 20, 2018

fee ^ 1SU7414B YFGBR99D

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| Nov 06, 2021

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