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Updated on Jun 18, 2022

At no other time in history have dads been as passionate about and committed to raising their young children, and they want to do it even more

Today’s fathers are not the way their dads used to be. Just a generation gap has brought up a huge change in their roles. You can easily see a modern-day father being more involved in his child’s life. The shift has taken place from a strict traditional dad who used to be only concerned about giving financial support to the family to current days expressive and caring father who loves spending time with his child.

Nowadays, it is common to see a dad playing with his child in the park, feeding him, helping him in completing his homework and reading bedtime stories. Moreover, from making hair braids for his little girl to painting her nails, dad does it all. 

This caregiving, soft, and tender side of a father is just adorable. The way they have adjusted to the role of a nurturer is commendable and has a significant impact on their Child’s lives. Even science has proved this. As per some studies, children who receive more affection and love from their fathers are less likely to develop behavioral issues in the future. Many new-gen  fathers believe that parenting is their greatest joy.

We’ve come a long way indeed :)

In this blog today, we are going to bust some myths that are associated with parenting.   #dadsdo

Feel free to share your instances with us, Happy Father’s Day to all the unsung heroes!


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