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12 Benefits of breastfeeding for both mommy and baby

Chayanika Sen
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Updated on Dec 14, 2019

12 Benefits of breastfeeding for both mommy and baby
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Breastfeeding is one of the beautiful and magical moment in a life of a new mommy. There is an immense sense of satisfaction and happiness when you see your new born suckling on your breast to quench his or her hunger. Nursing is equally beneficial for both the mother and the new born. This marks the beginning of a memorable journey of bonding between the mommy and her infant.

12 Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Mommy And Baby

  1. Emotionally enriching experience: Breastfeeding involves a mother and her new born infant to be in very close proximity with each other. The physical closeness, eye contact and sense of touch strengthen their bond since day one. Nursing builds, a sense of security in the little one and this is emotionally enriching for the mother. "Prolactin" a hormone produced in the mother's body while nursing gives boost to a nurturing sensation which allows her to focus on the baby all the more
  2. Ideal nutrition for the baby: Breast milk is a perfect blend of Vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins and is ideal for the baby's complete development. Formula milk has a fixed constitution whereas breast milk morphs according to a baby's changing needs. An infant gets its first sign of strength and protection from the antibodies present in "Colostrum", mother's first milk after delivery. If a baby is fed mother's milk without any supplements in the first six months of being born, chances of food contamination due to dilution of formula milk stand eliminated
  3. Easy to digest: Mother's milk is far easier to digest than Formula feed. Babies on breast feed have far lesser digestion and constipation related issues
  4. Immunity building: Infants on exclusive breastfeed for the first six months of their lives are far lesser prone to infections, pneumonia, diarrhoea and respiratory illnesses. Breast milk contains antibodies in abundance thus strengthening a child's body to fight bacteria and viruses. These antibodies also reduce proneness to ailments such as ear infections, asthma and various allergies. It is also an accepted fact the breast fed babies respond better to immunizations that formula fed babies. Breast feeding also reduces risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
  5. Lesser health problems later in life: Infants who are breast fed have lesser health issues later in life. These children have lesser dental problems and are not very prone to developing cavities. Nursing in the first six months reduces chances of the child developing childhood cancers. They are also lesser prone to developing insulin dependent diabetes and suffering from higher blood pressure
  6. Higher intelligence quotient: Breast fed babies are believed to be more intelligent in their growing years. Their enhanced cognitive skills may be attributed to the physical closeness, eye contact and touch associated with breast feeding. It may also impact a growing infant's brain development and lower chances of learning and behaviour problems in future. These children are said to have the ability to solve puzzles and problems very early on in life
  7. Better weight control: Breast feeding is beneficial to both the mother and baby when it comes to weight control. Babies who are breast fed do not gain excessive weight and are less likely to face obesity problems later in life. As for the mother, breast feeding expedites the process of shedding weight post delivery
  8. Expedites healing process: Oxytocin is produced in a mother's body when a child nurses and this component minimises blood loss after delivery. Breast feeding fastens the recovery of uterus to its original size. It is an accepted norm that uterus contracts back to its normal shape and size in six months for nursing mothers as against a year for mothers who do not breast feed their babies
  9. Lesser risk of developing major diseases for the mother: Mothers who regularly breast feed their babies have lower chances of developing osteoporosis. They are also at a lesser risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer or breast cancel before menopause
  10. Eases child spacing: - Breast feeding a baby will delay menstruation for a woman. Hormone "prolactin" produced when breast feeding results in late ovulation and this enables the woman to naturally child space as long as she wants. How long the nursing mother would remain infertile because of breast feeding her baby depends on the feeding pattern of her baby
  11. Reduced risk of getting into depressions: Breast feeding is said to produce hormones which promote mother's care giving and bonding. Nursing mothers are less likely to develop post partum depression
  12. Convenient and budget friendly: Mothers milk is always fresh, safe and at the right temperature. It eliminates the need of sterilizing the feeding bottles, heating and boiling the milk, etc. It is very simple to breast feed the baby at any time and is very convenient even when is out of the house or travelling. Moreover, it is far cheaper and healthier than formula milk

Do you think there are more benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby? Did you like the blog on benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and baby? Share your views and feedback in the comments section below.

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| Jan 06, 2020

pink panther

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| Dec 31, 2019

Hi how to increase breast milk?pls help me

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| Dec 30, 2019

Hi humi ! Have u consulted yr doc?if yes, what he has to say about it? Did child get hurt or fell down recently? Massage gently with lukewarm oil. make sure to be gentle.

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| Dec 19, 2019

My 4 years baby often complains pain in shoulder .how to handle it

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| Dec 19, 2019

My 4 years baby complains pain in shoulder.. Help me to handle it

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| Nov 13, 2019

So what happens to babies that are lactose intolerant... R they going to get all these diseases because they r unable to take breast milk?? What happens to mothers who are unable to breastfeed. Or babies whose mothers die at child birth.

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| Nov 13, 2019

Many mom's can't able to breast feed her babies... Its not her fault... Then hw can we make our children's more intelligent nd healthy....

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| Jan 09, 2019

to increase breast milk what to do

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| Dec 06, 2017

l ml o mm

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| Dec 05, 2017

Is it True if mother has calcium deficiency the breastfed baby will also become calcium deficient?

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