Don’t Stop..Don’t Give up ..Continue Breastfeeding


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Updated on Aug 02, 2020

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We did an experiment to understand human resilience. We reached out to 11 moms and gave them a few puzzles and a few questions. We did all of this remotely over video calls. We asked the questions live to them and moms had to respond promptly with their first reactions. The experiment led us to capture inspiring acts of resilience from each mom. Each one of them faced challenges, each of them struggled one way or the other. We asked each of them to share an advice with Moms who are about to start breastfeeding. Each mom shared how one may face challenges in the beginning and how it may be overwhelming, but Don't Stop, Don't Give up & Continue Breastfeeding. 

We can’t change the World with just our mind

We need conviction in our hearts


Hopelessness may come between you & your happiness

Don’t Stop..Don’t Give up ..Continue Breastfeeding

-Dedicated to Breastfeeding week (1-7 Aug, 2020)


Special thanks to proparent Moms for participating in these interviews- Himani, Supriya, Purti, Rachita, Annie, Vaishali, Ruhuta, Disha, Yuvika, Ranu & Roma. 

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