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Bronchitis In Your Baby - How To Deal With It?

Dr Surbhi Saini
0 to 1 years

Created by Dr. Surbhi Saini
Updated on Mar 31, 2018

Bronchitis In Your Baby How To Deal With It

It’s not uncommon to find our kids having frequent bouts of cold and cough more than anything else! And I cannot stop emphasising on the fact, that how often I come across these being taken lightly and only realising or taking it seriously once complications starts setting in!

Causes Of Bronchitis In Toddlers-

  • Bronchitis is a viral infection of bronchi causing bronchi and more mucus production than usual. It leads to cough and pain in throat also sometimes discomfort in chest
  • It can also be a part of other infection alike flu, viral, measles
  • Children who are exposed to tobacco or cigarette smoke on a regular basis are at a greater risk

Symptoms Of Bronchitis In Toddlers-

Some usual symptoms-
  1. Child has usual signs like cold, runny nose, cough and sometimes fever as well
  2. Cough is often dry at first and then moist after a few days
  3. It takes around 7-10 days to recover
Some children keep getting bronchitis quite often due to low immunity, allergy, and constant exposure to smoke or any underlying pathology.

Management Of Bronchitis In Toddlers-

  1. Increase fluid intake-

    Try warm lemonade, warm water and honey, soup. It soothes the irritated airway and provides relief
  2. Raise head end–

    Plenty of rest is advised .but congestion might make resting uncomfortable. Use a pillow to elevate head and soothe him
  3. Warm compress for the chest-

    Bronchitis can make Childs’s chest heavy, a warm chest compression provides relief
  4. Eliminate irritants-

    If there’s any exposure to smoke, dust, pollens or any allergen that your child is allergic to, should be eliminated and surroundings should be as clean as possible

These remedies should be tried and focus should be on building a strong immune system for your child; but a consultation should be taken from an ENT specialist positively.

It helps in preventing any complications being rising, since diseases are interrelated.

Don’t worry your doctor knows judicious and non-judicious use of medication for your child, have faith in them. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you.

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| May 20, 2018

My kid had this problem 1st sign is they refused to eat food Nd sometimes he was vomiting If u find that their behaviour is nt normal like all time cry, nt playing toys etc nd had fever so be alert Nd yes trust ur doctor

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| Apr 02, 2018

useful and a crisp write up.

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| Mar 31, 2018


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| Mar 31, 2018

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