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Bulimia & your child: What you need to know

Shikha Garg
11 to 16 years

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Bulimia your child What you need to know

Do you notice some strange behaviour in your teenager – are they overly obsessed with their appearance and weight? Are they disinclined towards food? These could be symptoms of a common eating disorder among teenagers called Bulimia Nervosa. Eating disorders are common among teenagers due to peer pressure and extreme media influence. Proparent blogger Shikha Garg discusses the symptoms, definition and a few ways of preventing Bulimia in her blog. She gives us a checklist to check for any symptoms our teenagers may show such as… • Does your teenager constantly keep checking his or her appearance in the mirror? • Does your teen have an enlarged gland in their neck under their jaw line? • Does your teen first eat for fun and later on feel guilty and afraid of gaining weight, and vomit to clear out their stomach? • Is their body weight fluctuating constantly? • Does your teen eat more when they are upset or depressed? Read on for more possible symptoms of Bulimia and what you can do to help your teenager…

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