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Can Covid-19 Vaccine Affect your Period?

Shalini Singh

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Updated on May 28, 2021

Can Covid 19 Vaccine Affect your Period
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The Covid-19 vaccination is in full swing and clearly, there are a lot of questions in everyone's minds. While the common side effects include headache, body pain, headache, mild fever and a sore arm, these may vary from one person to another. 

A lot of women, however, have experienced early, heavy and painful periods as a reaction to the jab.

A common question in the minds of women is if there is a link between the vaccine and periods and menstrual cycle, and if Vaccine against Covid-19 can affect fertility.

Plausible Connection

According to Dr Victoria Male, a reproductive immunologist at Imperial College London says after vaccination, there could be numerous chemical signals that can affect the immune cells circulating in the body. What this can do is cause the womb lining to shed leading to early menstruation.

Immune cells are present in almost all parts of the body including the womb lining. The immune cells have a significant role to build, maintain and break down the uterus lining. This lining thickens to prepare for a pregnancy, and then sheds in the form of a period if the egg is not fertilized.

Some experts are also of the opinion that timing of ovulation can be affected by inflammation as a result of vaccines as vaccines can lead to an inflammatory response in the body. This happens as the immune system post vaccine starts to produce the antibodies to fight the disease.

Can vaccines affect fertility? 

Leading medical practitioner Dr Achana Bajaj, if a woman is planning pregnancy, she should go ahead and take the vaccines. 

Even if you find yourself pregnant after taking the vaccine, there is no reason that you should terminate the pregnancy. 

Should women who are planning for pregnancy wait for both doses to be completed?

The latest recommendation by the World Health Organization says it is good to be taking two doses and then plan the pregnancy. Fertility will not be affected at all.

No Higher Risk of Pregnancy Loss

There is no link of miscarriage. During pregnancy, there are different processes that maintain the womb lining. There is ample evidence that suggests that women who have got vaccinated are not at a higher risk of pregnancy loss.


There are logical reasons why vaccines could affect periods but these changes are short-term and are nothing to worry about, according to reproductive experts.

However, if you experience any abnormality, it is best to consult your doctor. 


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