Can Fenugreek Help In Increasing Breast Milk Supply?

Swati C Sharma
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 Can Fenugreek Help In Increasing Breast Milk Supply

Breast milk is the first and the best nutrition for a baby, but what if there is not enough supply? One cannot give up on breastfeeding given it's benefits for the baby. So let us understand if eating fenugreek seeds can actually help build milk supply, given the fact that it has been believed to be a excellent galactagogue for some mothers for centuries.

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Lijin John

| Sep 04, 2017

I used to take ....and I have experienced good supply of milk

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Nimrat Kaleka

| Sep 02, 2017

Mera baby 2 month ka ho gea hai lekin mere feed see satisfied nahi hota ,iska weight birth time 4 kg Tha lekin 1 month tak itna hi raha ,for hmne formula milk start Kita hai saath main Meri feed le reha hai ab weight to increase ho reha hai lekin Meri feed increase nahi hoi

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