Can my 10-year-old watch Bigg Boss?

Neetu Ralhan
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Can my 10 year old watch Bigg Boss

With the new season of Bigg Boss -- Season 10 -- rolled out last night on 16h October, are you as a mother worried about your child watching the show? Do you like to watch the show? If yes, how do you ensure that your child doesn't watch it with you? Since the show already comes with the following tagline "Viewer's discretion and parental guidance are recommended”. How as a mother do you plan to exercise this?

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| Nov 23, 2016

i would feel it is better to lie down in bed with your child and read a story book or do sone picture reading or just talking about how each one's day was. sorry but big boss somewhat has just not made place in my heart. it's all fabricated and we know it still we watch it.

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karishma Shah

| Oct 23, 2016

madam nowadays what I prefer and believe is if you don't let them see they tend to learn from school friends outside which we don't know how they see the situation as good or bad ,I think if nobody in house watches then kid doesn't watch if you watch then you too sit with him and watch and keep telling him this is not right this is right show the kid with your own thoughts and views what is right and wrong that ways you will be a good guide to him ,that ways his trust on u will be more than his friends

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Shreya Rajvanshi

| Oct 17, 2016

An interesting blog and quite topical too. Personally, I have never been interested in the show and hence my children also don't watch it. But like the blogger said, she knows numerous parents who watch the show have a dilemma on their hands.

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