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Celebrating Diwali - The Practise and The Precautions

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Updated on Sep 27, 2020

Celebrating Diwali The Practise and The Precautions
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Celebrating Diwali – The Practice And The Precautions The streets and houses in the neighborhood are already decked with twinkling lights in all colors and shapes. Each city is so beautiful at this time of the year and why not! Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in our country. While, you're excited about all the fun and catching up with friends and family, you might have your share of anxieties about keeping your child safe and healthy this festive season.

What Are The Allergy Risks During Diwali?

  1. Wheezing due to Sulphur: When a firecracker is burst, it emits Sulphur Dioxide. The Sulphur has a damaging effect on the lungs and is also the main reason behind wheezing and breathing problems seen commonly during this time
  2. Ill effects of Nitrogen: Skin conditions, eye irritation and respiratory distress are triggered with the release of oxides of Nitrogen, which are released when we burn a firecracker
  3. Breathing difficulty due to Lead: Heavy metals like lead and cadmium in firecrackers make breathing labored and cause distress to children suffering from asthma
  4. Dust allergy: The dust particles that are suspended in the air for approximately two to three days even after Diwali are also a cause for concern. One may not suffer from dust allergy but will definitely get affected due to the suspended dust particles in the air. People with heart and lung problems are most affected
  5. Respiratory issues due to smoke: The dust and smoke pollution due to the Diwali crackers leads to aggravation in a number of diseases like allergic bronchitis, Sinusitis, and pulmonary diseases

What Can We Do Differently This Diwali?

While we are all aware that firecrackers cause us so much harm, nothing much has changes over the years. The sky is lit with the rockets that pop in a million colors and every now and then we hear a bomb go off that rattles the glass in the windows and makes the car alarm go off. This Diwali, let's take a moment to think about what we can do to help our children in the long run.

  1. Sweets and snacks: The children are on a perpetual sugar rush. There are copious amounts of sweets, both traditional and modern available around the house. We buy sweets and Diwali packs of various chocolates in large numbers and then distribute them to wish people a Happy Diwali.
    1. Make your own sweets this Diwali. Get your child to help you make simple sweets
    2. Namkeen, another Diwali favorite, can also be prepared at home with puffed rice or flattened rice with nuts. You can distribute this among friends and family
  2. Bonding with your Children: This Diwali, why not spend time with the children cleaning your home, decorating and having fun?
    1. Prepare colorful rangolis together. Even if your child is still a toddler, hand her a brush and some non-toxic paints. Watch her create magic with colors!
    2. Paint and decorate some diyas together. This is a great way to bond with your child, and explain the significance of the Festival of Lights. Watch her excitement as she helps turns plain diyas into beautiful art deco lights!
    3. Read stories about Diwali together. There are many well-written books by Indian authors on various festivals, and you can gift your child one, this season.
  3. Diwali Gifts: Diwali Gifts are a major part of the celebration. While the popular trend is to give Mithai, the trend is now shifting.
    1. Giving dry fruits is an interesting option as they are high on nutrition
    2. There are varieties of juice packs that can be clubbed to form a gift pack
    3. A fresh fruit basket is a healthy and delicious option. Fruits like apples, pineapple and sweet limes can last up to many days and do not have to be refrigerated
    4. Gifting a plant is another idea, you could have your child decorate the pot and this way she feels included in the spirit of giving
  4. Start a new Diwali tradition: We are a country that is high on keeping the traditions going but you can start some new ones at home.
    1. Have a cleaning drive at home, and collect clothes and toys that are not being used. On the morning of Diwali, take your child to donate these to someone who needs them more, along with some boxes of sweets
    2. If possible, start a “Care For Animals” initiative to help, or get help for animals wounded by firecrackers

What Can We Do To Have A Safe Diwali?

Here are a few tips to have a safe Diwali.

Handling Of The Crackers

In Case Of A Fire

Clothes To Wear While Bursting The Crackers

Immunity Boosters

Natural Immunity boosters are the best. Here is a recipe for a natural immunity booster, that works well against colds and coughs, too.

Ingredients For Natural Immunity Booster

    1. If you have to buy firecrackers make sure that they are from a reliable and licensed manufacturer
    2. Always make sure that the instructions on the packet are read to your children and they have an understanding on the safe way to use them
    3. Make sure the bulk of the firecrackers are in a designated place away from where you are bursting the crackers
    4. Set a predefined time for bursting the crackers so that everyonein your complex can enjoy the spirit of Diwali together. It also helps people with younger children and pets since they have an option to go elsewhere to avoid the loud noise
    5. When igniting the rockets, make sure that they are aimed towards the sky so they do not enter balconies and houses by accident. Plenty of open space is a must for lighting rockets
    6. Always have a bucket of water handy when you start with the fireworks
    7. Light the crackers with a long incense stick (aggarbatti) and not a candle. Make sure your child is at a distance from the cracker when lighting it and not hunched on top of it
    8. If a cracker does not immediately burst, do not rush to it, instead wait at a safe distance and after an appropriate time throw some water on it
    1. Be prepared for the emergency. Do not panic
    3. Keep a bucket of water, a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit close by before you start the fireworks. Remember every major fire is small when it starts
    4. In case of burns, pour large quantities of water on the burn and see a burn specialist immediately
    5. In case of a major burn, take off the clothes and wrap the victim in a clean sheet and then take the victim to the hospital or a burn specialist
    1. Avoid ill-fitting and loose nylon clothing
    2. Wear fitted cotton clothes
    3. For younger children it is best to buy an anti-pollution mask for the duration that they are outside where the crackers are being burnt
    1. 6-8 leaves of Holy basil( Tulsi has antiseptic properties)
    2. 6-8 cloves( laung )
    3. ½ inch pcs of ginger ( adrak)
    4. 2-3 cardamom ( Elaichi)
    5. ½ inch piece of cinnamon ( dalchini)
    6. 8-10 pepper corns( sabut kali mirch)
    7. 1 tsp of fennel seeds ( saunf keeps the stomach cool and helps in digestion)
    8. 2 inches square piece of jaggery ( gur is a great decongestant)

      How To Prepare Natural Immunity Booster

      1. Boil all the ingredients in two glass of water and reduce it to half its quantity
      2. Now strain it and serve it lukewarm thrice a day
      3. It soothes the throat and makes sure any dust or smoke residue that is the main irritant in the child's throat is washed down

      Diwali, while being fun-filled and colorful, can be meaningful, too. With a little care, you can teach your little one to celebrate responsibly. Have a happy, safe Diwali!

      How do you plan to make your Diwali meaningful this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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| Nov 09, 2012

Very well compiled information. Small things that we can do differently with our children but they make a huge impact on them.. great thoughts.. thanks!

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| Nov 09, 2012

good info to all the parents

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| Nov 09, 2012

Very well written and a good reminder for things to watch out for this Diwali. Liked the recipe for the concoction. Thank you :)

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| Nov 01, 2013

Hi Bhavna !! Nice article, with all the points being mentioned, I will try the Rangoli concept with my daughter who is 4, and also thanks for the concoction recipe. Thanks !!

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