Celebrating Independence at 65

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Celebrating Independence at 65

As our nation celebrates 65 years of independence it definitely instils in most of us, a pride to be an Indian. India has emerged from the shadow of colonialism to evolve as one of the fastest growing and powerful economies in the world. True, that independence has empowered the average Indian. Creativity and Enterprise have blossomed, thanks to the efforts and struggles of thousands of freedom leaders. But today as a society are we paying a whole hearted tribute to them? And in what ways are we expressing our patriotism to our motherland? Most importantly is today’s generation really patriotic?

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| Aug 14, 2012

It has been so nostalgic every year on independence day. I still remember my childhood days memories from independence day. When i look around, i wonder at times, so as to whether children today really understand the true value of this hard fought independence. Loved your blog, especially because it's a rain check of sorts, & reminds me to spend enough time with my lil one right from an early age to help her understand the true value of independence and the significance behind.

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