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Lead Your Child Towards A Better Tomorrow

Urvashi Shah

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Jan 16, 2019

Lead Your Child Towards A Better Tomorrow

In a shocking incident, a Delhi school boy of class 9, named Tushar Kumar, died after he was found unconscious in his school washroom after engaging in a fight with his classmates. His parents alleged that this was a cold blooded murder while the school has been denying any such reports and claim that the boy was unwell and died in the hospital.

The classmates of the victim have been detained after the security camera showed the footage of Tushar Kumar being punched by three other boys in the washroom. The boys of the same class started the fight in the classroom itself which later on went up to the washroom where Tushar fell unconscious. After being rushed to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead which led to his family, relatives and neighbours march out on the streets and shout slogans in front of the school, demanding an investigation in to his death.

This case leads us to one question- Where is the world heading towards? The unfortunate part is that we yet don’t know the answer to this question which defines nothing but death of humanity. Such incidents are on a rise not just here but everywhere around the globe.

Everyday, newspapers flash headlines of children becoming bullies and killing the ones of their own age in a rage of anger or simply victimizing someone older to them. Has this generation lost its cool completely to get involved in such acts of brutality without even thinking about the consequences once? Everyone wants to have their way but nobody wants to be empathic in nature and understand the opposite person.

This being the scenario today, how can parents ensure the safety of their child? School is considered to be a safe place where children can learn, play and grow in harmony. But this deplorable incident has portrayed that how schools too are no longer safe for our young ones.

With the school denying reports of the alleged murder and covering up the incident including the ones who did it, who are parents to trust? The school must take in charge as an authority that it serves and must look in to the matter by being responsible rather than just playing the blame game. Parents send their children to school in order to have the right kind of education imparted. But if the school starts being the scapegoat, how are parents to trust the institution for a child’s safety, let alone his/her overall development?

A child learns from his/her elders and if we elders have portrayed such poor behaviours in front of our child, we must also be able to accept the fact that they are learning the same from us.

Can we not be humble and teach humanity to our children rather than just imparting academic knowledge to them? Can we not teach our children to be respectful towards one another rather than simply pushing them to score best in a test? If the world is arriving towards such a dark phase at this fast pace, we need to start worrying about our future generations right away.

It is high time that we teach our children the value of empathy in today’s time which they will learn to carry forward in their lives and pass on the same to their future generations. We as parents moreover as elder humans are looked up on by our children and hence must try to be the best role model for them.

This incident highlight the fact that people today have no sort of patience left and want to get things done quickly. Where are we heading to at such a speed? What are the consequences that we are confronting by being blatant towards one another? At times even law and order fail to give justice to people which enable the bullies to become even more powerful.

The best we can hope is the attackers get the punishment they deserve while the victim gets his justice served at the earliest.

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| May 25, 2019

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| Feb 05, 2018

very true.. if even educational institutions are not safe for our children , then we need to ponder where are we heading towards? putting the blame entirely on school administration would not be justified. we need to do some introspection and find out why are our children loosing their cool and reacting even without thinking about it's consequences.

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