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Child- free or tolerance free?

Canisha Kapoor
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Child free or tolerance free

Yes, travelling with children can be traumatic, at times, for the parents – and for fellow travellers too. So how shall we then view Indigo Airlines’ decision that forbids children in their premium rows – a move that provides relief to fellow travellers but is painfully indifferent to parents travelling with a child under 12! Is the airline, under the garb of creating “quiet zones”, turning a cold shoulder to parent woes? As a mother of an infant or a toddler, what is your first reaction to the news that you cannot get a reservation in rows 1 to 14 of Indigo Airlines? Our proparent Canisha Kapoor explores the utility and absurdity of this move!

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suvarna mali

| Oct 17, 2016

very bad decision. i was travelling with my 4 months old son in 2011 by Cathy Pacific. as we were late and the flight was full it has been told to us that to check basinet seat in the flight. in the flight when I asked for it air hostess was not ready to allot me the basinet seat and keep on telling me that no bassinet seat. according to my knowledge if the infant is in flight they have to allot that seat to the infant . so I personally has to go and talk to the old lady who has got the bassinet seat. after talking to her she was ready to move. it's very bad that some people don't want to understand the necessities of the parents are travelling with small children.

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